View Full Version : Printing Flashcards on A4 paper

05-02-2004, 04:43 PM
I tried today to print out all the forms of "luw" on paper from the Flashcards add-on. I eventually worked out that to get the English meanings to print correctly they had to be upside down on the back of the Greek sheet, without re-arranging the order in which they were delivered by the printer. However they were still badly placed, because Letter size paper is assumed, and we don't use that in the UK. Changing the paper size (not the paper) in the main Bibleworks program didn't work. Is there any way round this?

02-27-2006, 06:10 PM
Hello. I've struggled with this myself, so this morning I sat down with a ruler in centimeters and inches and experimented and measured until I managed to print decent flash cards. Using A4 paper (and assuming you know that you print the front side, then flip over the stack of paper and reload it for the back), try these print settings when in the vocab module:

3.500 Card Width
1.500 Card Height
0.373 Horizontal Offset
0.405 Vertical Offset Front
0.375 Vertical Offset Back
14 Cards per page

I found that it varied just slightly with brand of paper (because they might be cut a couple of mm differently) and it may have to be tweaked a bit for your printer (I use a Brother HL-1430 laser), but this should be a helpful starting point.

Bern Merchant