View Full Version : Rights required to save sessions?

06-21-2006, 04:30 PM
We have a user who does not have admin rights on thisr system and he has found that he is not able to save his session. I'm not teribly familiar with the app, so I might not be using the right term, but he wants to open next time at the point where he left off, when he selects the option to do that, and then re opens bibleworks, he is back to the default view. I tried giving him rights to the bibleworks directory on his C drive, and looked for some sort of ini file, but neoither helped. What rights does he need in order to do this? Thanks!


06-21-2006, 06:08 PM
Just a thought...go to TOOLS/options/Option Flags/Shutdown options and see if "initialize INI file on exit" is checked. If so...UNCHECK IT. I'm pretty sure that if this is checked, all config settings go back to default.

You might make sure, too, that "save setup options on exit" is checked, but I just checked mine and it didn't seem to make a difference.

If this doesn't work, post back. Someone else might have an idea. If not, please contact the support staff at BW directly support@bibleworks.com . This is a user forum, and although the staff do frequent here, it's always a good idea to contact them directly.

Let us know how it goes!