View Full Version : Homeric Greek study in BibleWorks takes a leap forward

Michael Hanel
04-09-2006, 11:28 PM
For those BW users who have been interested in Greek outside of the NT and specifically in this case for Homeric Greek, user-created databases have been quite a plus.

Thus far I've offered a Homeric Vocab module (http://www.cune.org/michael.hanel/homervocab.zip).
The Greek text (http://www.cune.org/michael.hanel/hhg.zip) of Homer and Hesiod with Homeric Hymns.

And now two additional offerings.

1. An English translation (http://www.cune.org/michael.hanel/HHE.zip) of The Iliad which fits the verse structure of the Homeric Greek text. It's an old, archaic translation, but it's a start.

2. A lemmatized morphology (http://www.cune.org/michael.hanel/hhm.zip) of The Iliad book one (more to come in the future!) which will allow you to get even more functionality out of the Homeric text. This is not a fully parsed text like the Bible, Septuagint, etc., but it is a huge leap forward!

These last two additions are very fresh and nowhere near perfect, but I figured the best way to get them corrected would be to put them out for your use.

Also a huge thanks for these last two offerings has to go to John Jackson of http://www.handheldclassics.com because it was only through the availability of his files that I was able to convert these things so quickly and get them out to you guys. So if you're a Palm user, be sure to drop him a note of thanks for all of HIS HARD WORK and for letting us use his material for BW users!!

Michael Hanel
04-10-2006, 01:13 PM
The new files, both the English translation and the lemmatized Greek edition are first releases. The English translation doesn't line up perfectly, but as the readme.txt says it will be a place to start and if you read using a larger context than one verse at a time, you may find it helpful.

Second, the morphology version might have words that do not match. Some of these are due to different editions of the text and are easily corrected (A), some of them are due to words which need to be updated in the Greek lexicon file (B) and some of them could be due to other errors. In any event, as you come across errors you can let me know about them and I will get them corrected in a timely manner, but keep in mind I'm only one person :)

Here are a few examples of those errors above:

A. Line 424 the 3rd word in HHG is kata, but this text was based on a reading meta. It can be easily fixed and wouldn't throw most people off, but there are obviously more obscure readings which might.

B. Line 45 the very last word. If we update the Greek Alias file the last word in this line will show up in the Lexicon. The problem is that the morphology is telling it to look up the dictionary word, but LSJ lexicon uses the same identical word with an ALPHA ending rather than ETA ending, so until you add the Greek alias to tell the Lexicon to look up that word, it won't do it.

C. Line 3, the last word is lemmatized correctly, but doesn't have the diaresis over the iota, which apparently for now is causing the lexicon to not like it.

Anyway all of these things can be fixed, I just need to be made aware of what needs fixing :)

Also as BW in the future will be releasing the large edition of Liddell Scott as an extra, add-on module, a lot more of these words will be opened up which may not be exactly in the Middle Liddell which is the LSJ lexicon that comes standard with BW.

Michael Hanel
04-10-2006, 06:13 PM
Release 2 of the the Iliad Lemmatization is available (http://www.cune.org/michael.hanel/hhm.zip) (It's the same file name, so overwrite the older files if you've downloaded them).

This completes lemmatization through book seven of the Iliad.

Michael Hanel
04-20-2006, 11:19 PM
The Homeric morphology takes another gigantic leap forward with Release 3 (http://www.cune.org/michael.hanel/hhm.zip). Please note that the file names are all the same, so this will unzip and copy over your old files. If you want to keep the old stuff, rename it, but hhm.zip will remain the file name i use.

Release 3 includes only Iliad books 1-8, BUT it includes ALL morphological analysis. Not all analyses are finalized or correct, but this will be considered the working copy from now on. If you find errors of any type, please email me, contact info is contained in the zip file.

Hours and hours of work has gone into this, many hours still remain.

Michael Hanel
04-23-2006, 10:54 PM
Located at the same address (http://www.cune.org/michael.hanel/hhm.zip), release 4 now has parsing for the entirety of the Iliad.

Should be a bit before the next update, which will be corrections of this completed version.