View Full Version : Fail safe way to NEVER LOOSE unlock codes or S/Ns

04-08-2006, 09:52 PM
I will admit, I am the most forgetful person in the world. Ask my wife how many times I had to hunt down my keys before leaving for work.:o For those who misplace things, here is a fail safe way to hang on those serial numbers and unlock codes.

During the days of having a manual, the first thing I did was write them down in the front and back covers of the manual. Now, as of ver. 7, I can't do that any more.:(

Next, take a fine tip sharpie (permanent marker) and neatly write the serial number and the unlock codes to the top of the program or module cd (i.e. CD #1). I have done this on dozens of cd and it has NEVER affected the readablity of the disk. Have someone else verify the legibility of numbers to make sure they are properly written. I then store the cd in a box that I have for all my program disk.

Finally, I send myself an email with these codes in it. I have created a "DO NOT DELETE" directory under the inbox, and I place this email in that directory.

Just some insights and helpful thoughts.

Lakeland, TN