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Dale A. Brueggemann
04-03-2006, 11:52 AM
I've occasionally noted the request for Palm Bible software, texts, lexicons, etc. Here's a good place to get the FREE Bible+ software and various texts:

To install the BiblePlus modules:

1) Start up Palm Quick Install
- either from Start: Programs: Palm
- or click on Install in Palm Desktop
(or on a Mac, find the 'Send to Handheld' icon)

The programs and modules are in zip folders which open automatically in 'XP
If you can't open zip folders, get a free expander for Mac or PC from Stuffit (http://www.stuffit.com/win/expander/index.html)

2) Download and double-click on Program_Fonts.zip
(http://www.tyndale.cam.ac.uk/Download/Tyndale_PalmBiblePlus_Kit/Program_Fonts.zip)- click on 'extract all files' at the top left
- click Next, Next, tick 'Show Extracted Files', and Finish.
- highlight all the files and drag them to the 'Handheld'
area of the Palm Install window.

3) Download and Right-click on Bibles.zip
(http://www.tyndale.cam.ac.uk/Download/Tyndale_PalmBiblePlus_Kit/Bibles.zip)- click on 'extract all'
- click Next, Next, tick 'Show Extracted Files', and Finish.
- highlight all the files and drag them to the 'Expansion Card' area
or, if this doesn't exist for your palm, to the 'Handheld'
- this is a total of about 19Mb. If you don't have much room,
choose which ones you want from list of sources (

4) If you want the Lexicons, repeat no.2 for LexiconPrograms.zip (http://www.tyndale.cam.ac.uk/Download/Tyndale_PalmBiblePlus_Kit/LexiconPrograms.zip),
and repeat no.3 for Lexicons.zip (http://www.tyndale.cam.ac.uk/Download/Tyndale_PalmBiblePlus_Kit/Lexicons.zip).

5) If you want more than just Bibles, repeat no. 3 for
Commentaries.zip (http://www.tyndale.cam.ac.uk/Download/Tyndale_PalmBiblePlus_Kit/Commentaries.zip) (just a coupld of scholarly ones)
Extra-Biblical.zip (http://www.tyndale.cam.ac.uk/Download/Tyndale_PalmBiblePlus_Kit/Extra-Biblical.zip) (Philo, Josephus, Nag Hammadi etc)

6) Synchronise your palm.

7) Run the new Bible+ program

8) Enable the fonts:
- go to menu Options: Skins & Plugins
- the top box should contain:
PB Greek 21
If they are in the bottom box, highlight them and click 'Enable'
If others are in the top box, highlight them and click 'Disable'
These three fonts work well together. You can try other mixtures.
Don't enable too many at once, because they can conflict with each other.

9) Enable the cross references
- go to menu: Options: Preferences: Navigation
- tick 'Enable Cross References'

10) Enable the lexicons
- start PPI, select RoadLingua as the program to look up, and click Save.
- start Plucker. Go to the menu Options: Preferences: Lookup. Select "Look up in PPI."
- tick "Word lookup always active". Now you can tap on a word to look it up
- start BiblePlus. Click on menu: Options: Preferences: Interface,
and tick "Double Tap PPI"

Using the Bibles & Lexicons:

To see cross-references, double-click on the verse number.

To see the Greek & Hebrew parsing & vocab numbers (in BHS+, LXX and WH+)
use the menu View: Toggle footnotes, or type Command-n (ie forward-slash - n)

To use the lexicons tap on a Hebrew or Greek number (in BHS+, LXX and WH+)
or on a Latin word in the Vulgate.
If RoadLingua opens in the wrong dictionary, change it.
Click on "Hide" to return to BiblePlus.

Further instructions in the BiblePlus Manual (http://palmbibleplus.sourceforge.net/pbmanual.htm)
and for the lexicons in the RoadLinguaManual (http://www.tyndale.cam.ac.uk/Download/Tyndale_PalmBiblePlus_Kit/RoadLinguaManual.zip)