View Full Version : Genitive phrase within def article and noun

Michael Hanel
03-31-2006, 10:18 PM
Since we've got some people hot on using the Search Engine, here's one you can check out and maybe soup up or modify, I certainly didn't intend for this search to be perfect, merely a place to begin.

I was helping someone who wanted to find a place where a genitive phrase was between a noun and definite article so I made a search to find a definite article (X) agrees in case, number and gender with a noun (Y) in between which is a genitive definite article (A) which agrees in case, number and gender with either a Noun (B) or Participle (C)
Thus it should be something like this X + A + (either B or C) + Y with no room for any words in between that string.

Good luck :)