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04-15-2004, 03:47 AM


one can get the "The Concordant Literal New Testament".

It "may only be reproduced for personal use". Perhaps someone wants to create a BW module?
Keep in mind that "concordant" is not equivalent to "good" or "literal".

03-26-2009, 11:04 AM

I have been waiting for someone to compile the Concordant Literal Version since BW5. I even wrote to the Concordant Publishing Concern to see if they would work on it but they have been focused on completing the translation of the Hebrew Scriptures (rightly so).

I have used the Seedmaster/Concordant Literal Version since Windows 3.1. In 2001 I bought the Bible Companion Series Professional Edition because it uses the Seedmaster engine. I continue to use the program specifically for the Concordant Version; even while switching from Windows to Ubuntu (it works using Codeweavers Crossover 6.0.0 for Linux in a Fat32 partition).

After 6 years of waiting for someone else to do it, I have taken on the task of doing it myself. During the month of March 2009, it has been my top priority, and I am happy to report that I have successfully compiled the entire Concordant Literal Version, about 20 days of 4-5 hours each. My source for the New Testament was their website, and my source for the Old Testament was the CPC's original Seedmaster Program integrated into the Bible Companion Series. Since I did it in 2 parts, the 3 letter codes I used were CNT and COT. For the entire text I will use CLV.

If you really want the entire text, CPC still sells the program for $35, it works in all Windows OS's 3.1 - Vista. I recommend getting it while still available.

Instructions for the New Testament: Once you have copied the text; make sure it is in unicode .txt format - using WordPad in Windows or Gedit in Ubuntu). You will need a text editor capable of "block" editing, so download UltraEdit 14.20.1 (it is a 45 day trial version, but if you are going to compile other works, it is well worth the $49 to own it).

Open the file and scroll from beginning to end to make sure each verse is on its own line, then using the column mode, insert Bk/Chap numbers to each verse. I was done with the NT in only 3 days!

The Old Testament is more difficult because from Job-Proverbs, the copy/paste function breaks the verses into prose, so each verse needs attention; and Psalms is especially difficult due to some unusual phrasing and the need to convert curly bracketed phrases to regular throughout. But the upside is that you can contemplate on these often neglected portions of scripture while working (watch your mood while in Job - fatalism took hold of me for a moment).

I am taking the time (probably the remainder of the year) to compare the Hebrew Scriptures with the Concordant Publishing Concern's latest published editions and once I have, I will submit the work to them and request their cooperation in making it available.