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02-28-2006, 08:28 AM
I keep crashing, sometimes after 5 minutes and sometimes after 5 days, but after I crash all my settings go back to original factory settings. I'm told that there is a saved file with all my settings, but I don't know how to load that file. It's something like BW700. Please, any suggestions?

Ben Spackman
02-28-2006, 08:43 AM
It's the bw700.ini file that lives in your Windows directory.

I do'nt have the release version with its backup thing yet, but in the past I've made manual copies and just renamed them. If you lose the settings, delete the bw700.ini, copy the copy, and rename it bw700.ini

02-28-2006, 08:51 AM
I don't think I understand exactly what you mean. Could you explain it in more simplified terms. Do I do anything with the BW7 program?

02-28-2006, 09:14 AM
Hi Jake,

In your BibleWorks 7 directory you will have a file named bw700_1.ini the first time you crashed. The second time you crashed, you will have a file named bw700_2.ini (and the number after the underscore will continue to increase if you have not removed these files after you crashed).

Make sure BibleWorks is closed.

Take the last bw700 ini file (whatever one has the highest number after the underscore) and rename it simply bw700.ini (removing the underscore and the number preceding .ini).

Copy and paste the renamed file into your Windows directory. If you get a message saying that you are going to overwrite a file, go ahead and do so.

Now you should be able to open BibleWorks with the settings you had when it crashed.

Keep in mind, that perhaps something in the settings made you crash. You may want to start over from scratch. Also, it is good to email tech support {HERE (http://www.bibleworks.com/support.html)} and include the ini file was saved when you crashed (if they ask for it). This helps them diagnose the problem.

Ben Spackman
02-28-2006, 09:15 AM
The release has some back-up mechanism, but I don't know what it is since a)it wasn't in the beta and b ) I do'nt have the release yet.

So, you can do something directly with BW7, but I don't know what it is. ASsuming you're using Windows, open up your c: drive. There should be a folder called Windows. In that folder is the file, bw700.ini (original) that stores all your settings. If you make a backup of that file (make a copy and rename it, or keep it on your desktop or something) you can manually restore it after a crash that resets all the settings by deleting the default bw700.ini (original) file (that's lost all your settings) and putting your backup file in the windows folder with the name bw700.ini (the copy that has all your settings.)

Hope that's clearer...

Edit:listen to Jim, sounds like he has the release version already.

03-01-2006, 06:01 AM
I had the same problem. Tech support helped me fix the problem. I did not have the holladay lex installed. I installed Holladay, and now the program is stable.

08-30-2008, 01:00 PM
The original HD of my laptop broke down and was replaced by a new one.
I reinstalled the software but the bw700.exe never worked. The error message "BibleWorks has encountered a severe error and must shut down" kept popping up, and no matter what I tried, the result was

"Your BilbleWorks configuration file has been reinitialized. A copy of your old INI file has been saved in this location:
C:\Program Files\BibleWorks 7\bw700_1.ini"

I tried every option combination by pressing shift start, manually deleted bw700.ini, and then completely uninstalled and reinstalled the entire program for numerous times, really wish to know what else can I do to help myself?

By the way, I am running on XPP SP3, a couple weird things I noticed during my restoration attempt was that

1. no actual bw700_1.ini file copy was saved at C:\Program Files\BibleWorks 7\

2. after I copied the original bw700.ini (file:///C:/WINDOWS/bw700.ini) in C:\WINDOWS from the Bibleworks dir., this very file C:\WINDOWS\bw700.ini (file:///C:/WINDOWS/bw700.ini) will be either removed and replaced by a blank file (depending on which restoring option I choose] every time the bw700.exe crashes!

3. the Bible maps program as well as other peripheral features is running very well since I can execute them separately from the main program.

I have gong through the threads here and the help files. Now I really need someone to help me out!
Thanks in advance

08-30-2008, 04:15 PM
I have gong through the threads here and the help files. Now I really need someone to help me out!

You really need to take your matter directly to Customer Support. Everyone I know, including myself, has found them to be very fast and responsive.

Here is the link --