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02-24-2006, 03:03 PM
Some of the notes I took in BW6 (and some were no doubt first written in BW5) mysteriously disappear in BW7.

Attached are my notes on Gen 2:18. Putting the quality of my exegesis aside for a moment... When I go to that passage in BW7, my User Notes tab alerts me that I have verse notes, but nothing shows up in the window. So I tried a few things:
If I change the original 2_18.bww to a .txt file, I can see my text (along with rtf formatting codes).
If I change the original to an .rtf file (or a .doc), neither Word nor WordPad show me any text when I open the file.I have no trouble viewing many of my other notes. I haven't had BW7 long enough to see how many notes are missing/invisible like this.

What shall I do? :confused:

Mark L. Ward, Jr.
Ph.D. (cand.) New Testament Interpretation
Bob Jones Jr Memorial Seminary and Evangelism Center (!)

Ben Spackman
02-24-2006, 03:37 PM
Make sure that you have "chapter" notes unchecked in the "User notes" window, since chapter notes are enabled by default. The winodw shows one or the other, but not both.

That's my first thought.

02-25-2006, 08:41 PM
I may not be a senior member of the forums, but I'm not quite that dumb. :D I'm pretty sure chapter notes aren't the problem.

I forgot to upload my file. Instead, I'll just excerpt it. It still won't show. :(

{\rtf1\adeflang1037\ansi\deff0\deflang1033{\fonttb l{\f0\fnil\ansicpg1252\fcharset0 Verdana;}{\f1\fnil\ansicpg1252\fcharset0Bwgrkl;}{\ f2\fnil\ansicpg1252\fcharset0 Bwhebb;}{\f3\fnil\ansicpg1252\fcharset0Georgia;}{\ f4\fnil\ansicpg1252\fcharset0 Bwtransh;}{\f5\fnil\ansicpg1252\fcharset0BwSymbol; }{\f6\fnil\ansicpg1252\fcharset255 };}}{\colortbl;\red0\green0\blue0;\red255\green255 \blue255;}{\stylesheet{\fs20 \basedon222\tx360\tx720\tx1080\tx1440\tx1800\f0 Normal;}}\pard\plain\fs20 \ql\tx360\tx720\tx1080\tx1440\tx1800 {\plain\f0\fs20\lang1033 \fs20 am's aloneness and to provide him someone who could help him in his work }\softline \ql{\plain \f0\fs20\lang1033 show that God means for woman's complementarity to be more than merely }\softline \ql{\plain \f0\fs20\lang1033 physical.}\par \ql{\plain\f0\fs20\lang1033---------------------------------------------------------------------}\par
\ql{\plain\b \f0\fs20\lang1033 Ill: }{\plain \f0\fs20\lang1033 A sociology professor asks her students each semester to describe for }\softline
\ql{\plain \f0\fs20\lang1033 her the traditional family. One freshman said of a married a couple in her }\softline \ql{\plain \f0\fs20\lang1033 view of the traditional family: "They truly respected the marriage vowels." }\softline \ql{\plain \f0\fs20\lang1033 The professor comments: "I assume she meant I-O-U.}\par \ql{\plain\i \f0\fs20\lang1033 ---------------------------------------------------------------------}\par \ql{}\par

02-25-2006, 09:38 PM
I found another file that won't load, my notes at Gen 3.3:

{\rtf1\adeflang1037\ansi \deff0\deflang1033{\fonttbl{\f0\fnil\ansicpg1252\f charset0 Verdana;}
{\f1\fnil\ansicpg1252\fcharset0 Bwgrkl;}{\f2\fnil\ansicpg1252\fcharset0 Bwhebb;}{\f3\fnil\ansicpg1252\fcharset0 Georgia;}{\f4\fnil\ansicpg1252\fcharset0 Bwtransh;}
{\f5\fnil\ansicpg1252\fcharset0 BwSymbol;}{\f6\fnil\ansicpg1252\fcharset255 };}}
{\colortbl;\red0\green0\blue0;\red255\green255\blu e255;\red0\green0\blue64;\red255\green255\blue128; }
{\stylesheet{\fs20 \basedon222\f0 Normal;}}\pard\plain \fs20
\ql{\plain \f0\fs20\lang1033 \fs20 To which tree is Eve referring? There were two trees in the midst of the }\softline
\ql{\plain \f0\fs20\lang1033 garden, the tree of life and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. }{\plain\b \f0\fs20\lang1033 She }\softline
\ql{\plain\b \f0\fs20\lang1033 must be referring to the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, }\softline
\ql{\plain \f0\fs20\lang1033 because that was the one God named in His prohibition, and that is the one }\softline
\ql{\plain \f0\fs20\lang1033 to which He refers back when indicting Adam and Eve.}\par
\ql{\plain \f0\fs20\lang1033 ---------------------------------------------------------------------}\par
\ql{\plain \f0\fs20\lang1033 Where did this injunction not to touch the trees come from? Here are the }\softline
\ql{\plain \f0\fs20\lang1033 major options:}\par
\ql{\plain\b \f0\fs20\lang1033 1) }{\plain \f0\fs20\lang1033 God repeated the injunction to Eve after her creation and added this.}\par
\ql{\plain\b \f0\fs20\lang1033 2) }{\plain \f0\fs20\lang1033 Eve added it to make God look stricter than He was (Kidner).}\par
\ql{\plain\b \f0\fs20\lang1033 3) }{\plain \f0\fs20\lang1033 Adam or Eve added the "do not touch it" to build a hedge about the law.}\par
\ql{\plain\b \f0\fs20\lang1033 4) }{\plain \f0\fs20\lang1033 Hamilton (NICOT) suggests that this may be an "innocent embellishment."}\par
\ql{\plain \f0\fs20\lang1033 Against 2) it can be pointed out that Eve's first sin would then have been this }\softline
\ql{\plain \f0\fs20\lang1033 lie and not the eating of the fruit. But it was only when Eve ate the fruit that }\softline
\ql{\plain \f0\fs20\lang1033 her eyes were opened. Against 1) it might be said that this is an argument }\softline
\ql{\plain \f0\fs20\lang1033 from silence and that it doesn't follow God's usual method of dealing; it }\softline
\ql{\plain \f0\fs20\lang1033 should have been sufficient for Adam to relay the command to Eve. It is }\softline
\ql{\plain \f0\fs20\lang1033 apparently 3) that Eve is "guilty" of.}\par
\ql{\plain \f0\fs20\lang1033 ---------------------------------------------------------------------}\par