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Michael Hanel
02-19-2006, 03:58 PM
Download at http://www.cune.org/michael.hanel/herod.zip

Herodotus' Histories in Greek
Textual Notes
Version History


Herodotus' Histories in Greek database for BibleWorks was compiled and put together largely by the great effort of Hal Friedrichs. Final checks and conversion into CCAT from Unicode were done by Michael Hanel.

This database includes all 9 Books of Herodotus' great work on the History of the Persian Wars. Anyone interested in learning more about Herodotus or this particular work should definitely check out the website Herodotus on the Web (http://www.isidore-of-seville.com/herodotus/).

Quite obviously you'll see there is no English translation provided, nor is there a morphology database companion. The English translations are readily available on Perseus, and many other sites accessible through the Herodotus on the Web site above. Morphology of each word can be accessed by right clicking on a word and selecting Look up Morphology on Perseus. This will work on a lot of words. (Note internet access is needed for this option to work).

This project was largely completed thanks to the effort of Hal Friedrichs, but Michael Hanel still gets the glory for encouraging him and providing general instruction as to how to organize the material. BibleWorks staff is not responsible for the content or the use of this database. So if you have any problems with the database, contact me (ekim11 -at- hotmail.com), not BibleWorks support. While the text has not been proofed completely, it appeared to be a fairly clean text. The major problems that I've had with it so far have to do with accents and breathing marks, but just like the Masoretic text, the consonants (and here even the vowels!!) appear to be quite accurate. If you find any glaring problems please email me (ekim11 -at- hotmail.com) and I will try to get out a better edition.



1. Unzip the file into a new BibleWorks subdirectory \BibleWorks 7\userdb\hdt\
2. HDT.bww should be placed in your \BibleWorks 7\databases\ directory.
3. In a general text editor like Notepad copy and paste the following into your books.bna file (in the BibleWorks 7\init\ directory) in order to get the names to appear in the Browse Window. (In BibleWorks go to Tools:Options:Book Names This will tell you what .bna file your BibleWorks is using. That's the file you want to attach the following to)

HD1,Histories-Book One,Histories-Book One,HD1
HD2,Histories-Book Two,Histories-Book Two,HD2
HD3,Histories-Book Three,Histories-Book Three,HD3
HD4,Histories-Book Four,Histories Book Four,HD4
HD5,Histories-Book Five,Histories-Book Five,HD5
HD6,Histories-Book Six,Histories-Book Six,HD6
HD7,Histories-Book Seven,Histories-Book Seven,HD7
HD8,Histories-Book Eight,Histories-Book Eight,HD8
HD9,Histories-Book Nine,Histories-Book Nine,HD9

4. In BibleWorks go to Tools:Version Database Compiler. Open the hdt.ddf file. Make sure the Install After Compiling is checked and then hit compile.

* This database may not work correctly in BibleWorks 6 due to formatting.

Textual notes

Every effort was made to make sure the books chapters line up with standard critical editions of the text so that this text may be considered a scholarly resource for BibleWorks users, but it is not perfect. Corrections are gladly welcomed.

Parentheses did not work going through the Version Database Compiler and so they are turned into "--" in the text. It is annoying, but it is how it is.

Minor errors that I've noticed so far is that there are places (randomly) where iota subscripts dropped out in dative singular forms. So if you find any of those, please let me know (email above) and I will get them fixed.



Keep an eye out on the BibleWorks forum (http://www.bibleworks.com/forums/) for any future updates. Notice will be posted there.


Version History
1.0 2/19/06 Herodotus' Histories ~ All nine books. Woo-hoo!