View Full Version : Bw6 & TextAloud (TTS)

12-31-2005, 08:00 AM
Greetings. I am using a text-to-speech program (TTS) called TextAloud with BW6. Because of its being a help to me I thought to mention it here. Basically, I open the Statenvertaling in BW6 in the Browse Mode; I open TextAloud; I open an online version of the Statenvertaling of the Bible. I do the latter because BW6 in the Browse Mode does not permit pasting a Bible text using the "New Line after each item" format & this format makes it easier for me to follow the spoken text in TextAloud. The spoken text is highlighted.I toggle between the three programs using the Tab & Alt keys in WinXP. In short, the spoken text helps me keep my concentration & I notice things in the text that I "never saw before". I can pause TextAloud to search a word or a reference in BW6; hotkeys in TextAloud allow me to pause/resume, start, stop etc. quickly & easily. I find that I remember more of what I have read & my interest in the Bible has increased. TextAloud has a trial version that is fully functional. The more natural 16khz voices are not included in this version. They are sold separately. Their is also an IE toolbar plug-in. The link is http://www.nextup.com/