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12-04-2005, 07:13 AM

I just wonder if it is possible for BW staff to add any bible backgrounds books (perhaps the "ivp bible background commentary" can be added). I have a nelson electronic library program and it has "bible manners and customs of the bible" book. It would be again more helpful if those who are using BW can have a access to at least one book of this kind. Further, assuming that a background book is added as reference, the BW can find way on which if a certain passage is click in the result window, it can lead the user to look for any background reference from the background book.

I also wonder if the BW staff will be able to add the critical apparatus of both the NA 27 and UBS 4 for textual criticism. And if it is not too much, the BW staff can also add the book of Prof. Bruce MEtzger entitled "A Textual Commentary on the Greek NEw TEstament."

If this request is heeded, I think the BW staff will further help (though now BW really helps!!!!) the students of the Bible in better dividing the Word of GOD.:)


Clint Yale
12-04-2005, 11:50 AM
Michael Bushell has repeatededly tried tos ecure a license for NA27. The holders of that database are very picky. It would have to be a stand-alone module in BW if it ever happened. :) The development of electronic texts is a difficult and arduous task especially for different interfaces. Each one is proprietary and comes with its own baggage. This involves much coding and patience with its client base.
The BW staff do an an excellent job responding to its clientel.

Clint Yale