View Full Version : Goodwin's Greek Grammar and you?

Michael Hanel
11-26-2005, 04:44 PM
While BibleWorks does have some good Greek grammars that come as part of the price of the package, it currently doesn't have Goodwin's Greek grammar which is primarily used for Classical Greek, but is fairly standard among any Biblical scholars as a reference text. I saw on CCEL that Goodwin's Greek grammar is in the process of being added, but its addition depends on the support of volunteers transcribing images of the text into raw text and then converting that into the proper format for web viewing. If anyone has the time, help transcribe a page or two. Once the entire project is in a textual format (Rather than images of pages), it could be added to the BibleWorks grammars as another awesome resource which is a standard part of BibleWorks, not a $50 add-on.

Check it out at