View Full Version : To make 2 boxes disappear after use.....

Bennett B. Wethered
10-11-2005, 04:22 PM
I have two minor requests for 'improvement' (it may be both are already possible through the 'Miscellaneous Configuration Flags' in Options; if so, please let me know).

I would like two boxes to close automatically after use. The first is the BibleWorks Copy Center. After clicking , Copy, the Copy Center is still there, and I have to click Close to get it to do so. Likewise, after clicking Check for Web Updates, from the Help drop-down menu, and getting a box saying, 'There are no new updates,' I both have to click (OK) on it to close it and also (Close) on the 'Install Updates' box. In these types of instances, can't these boxes be set to close automatically (add to Options, possibly)?

Rather esoteric fine-tuning, but I know the BibleWorks standard, so I'm not afraid to ask. ;)