View Full Version : Questions regarding the search in QSM database

Florin Laiu
09-30-2005, 02:29 AM
Hi, friends ! If some of you works with the Qumran Sectarian Manuscripts database in BW, I wait for a little help, since I met an important problem while working with this database. QSM contains both Hebrew and Aramaic text. Now, if I want to count how many occurences has the Hebrew preposition מִן min in QSM, I use The Morphology Assistant, that is very helpful. But if I want to do a research separately on the inseparable variant or the separate variant, I cannot do it by this Assistant, I must search through all occurences, using the command line, and observe carefully the text in each instance, and eliminate MANUALLY the Aramaic cases. My question is: Is there a possibility to hide sometimes the Aramaic texts or the Hebrew texts, in order to search in texts of the same language?
In the Biblical Hebrew (Masoretic) database, I could easily separate the search by the Morphology Assistant, but when I came to distinguish between the separate occurences of the prep. min and the inseparable variant, I was forced to go to the command line. There I have another problem. If I want to do searches in vocalized words, to limit the search, my command line does not accept the final consonants ץףןםך , and I must substitute them by a "?", that stands for any sign, and so the search is not limited.
Waiting for answer,
Florin Laiu