View Full Version : Auto Info Window malfunction

09-02-2005, 02:35 PM
Can anyone advise me on how to correct my auto info malfunciton. Quite frequently the auto info window, although on, will not reveal data when my cursor is over the text.


Ben Spackman
09-02-2005, 02:55 PM
That IS odd. Several things are possible.

1) You're mousing over something that has no tagged info.

2) Your AI settings are off.
a) Right click in the AI window and make sure that "Update only when shift key is depressed" does NOT have a check by it.

3) You have moused over something that has morphology, but not in your selected AI lexicon.
a) Tools>Options>Option Flags>General Greek Options and make sure "Show Entries from All Greek Lexicons in AI Window" is checked.

4) Something's broken :o You didn't specify what text you were working with. Does NOTHING appear? No parsing? No Version ID? No "there is no parsing information for this version and/or word" ?

Make sure the AI window is open. You can toggle it on/off by left clicking in the Results window and hitting the t .

If none of this helps, email customer support. They'll get a fix out fairly quickly if they can reproduce the problem.

10-18-2005, 01:52 PM
This seems to be the same problem as I get. I'm certain that it is an error rathre than not having any of the options at the right setting. When moving my mouse over the results window the auto info window (and word tips) can be fine one moment and then stop appearing the next. The only thing I've found that will get them working again is rebooting my machine (rebooting BW alone will not work).

I'm assuming that the problem may not be with BW per se. but with the mouse driver that is getting mangled somehow (which may explain why the reboot is required).

Did you email tech support and have you heard anything? I'e emailed them in the last day or two but have heard nothing as yet.