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  1. Running the BW9 Mac Public Preview
  2. SmartHeap license error
  3. iPad, anybody?
  4. Downloading Installer
  5. Crossover previous install
  6. User Modules ?
  7. Cannot Install
  8. Adding modules
  9. Links bug
  10. Installing on a Mac without a DVD drive
  11. Updating books.bna to books_sbl.bna or customizing in Mac Preview BW9
  12. Questions about licenses with crossover
  13. Issue with BibleWorks Keyboard
  14. CrossOver is free for today only
  15. Temporary App or Real Deal
  16. Why BMAC install code?
  17. Waiting for My Order
  18. SBL Hebrew?
  19. Full feature set or a subset and, what happens when it goes production ?
  20. Crossover 12?
  21. Copy and Paste Nonfunctional Using Control Click from Keyboard
  22. Program Not Launching
  23. 2013-01-03 Test dmg available
  24. Moved: Daniel 6:1 error
  25. ESV Notes showing up in XML form
  26. BUG Crash BGT alt text
  27. Public Preview interface, and other features?
  28. 2013-01-16Test dmg available
  29. Mac User - new install
  30. Resources | Background | Rodkinson causing BW to crash
  31. BW9 Mac Preview - Better Display Fonts
  32. 2013-02-26 Test dmg available
  33. Copying the MSS image - is it possible on Mac Preview?
  34. 2013-03-19 Test .dmg available
  35. Larger Font for ESV Study Bible Notes?
  36. New Mac version available for testing!
  37. Official new Mac Public Preview installer posted!
  38. Mac update: Non-Unicode Hebrew RTL typing in Editor, Notes; video crash fixed
  39. Control-click for right-click on text not working?
  40. 7/3/2013 New test version posted: Hebrew fixes, RTF table fixes...
  41. bibleworks9_mac_setup-9r3-14.dmg keyboard issue
  42. Adjust font size in html module?
  43. 9/25/2013 Test version posted: Adjust font size in Verse Tab and CHM/module windows
  44. Scrolling doesn't work in sentence diagrams
  45. Fixed: BW9 Mac Installer not installing on OS X 10.9 (Mavericks)
  46. BW9 for Mac Public Review and Updating
  47. How do you install user-created versions or modules on a Mac?
  48. Looking for 4 testers WITHOUT a DVD drive
  49. Testers wanted: New Mac Installer
  50. Bibleworks on MacBook Pro with Retina Display
  51. Can't open after installing
  52. New Mac Installer available for testing! Greek font improvements...
  53. Using shortcuts on the Mac version of BibleWorks
  54. Crossover failure with Yosemite
  55. Do not locate Word
  56. A question about BW9 MAC compared to using BW9 Windows via Parallels - Battery life
  57. Can I move the user files from PC to Mac?
  58. How to change input method?
  59. BW9.0 not responding on Mac after waken from long sleep
  60. Yosemite Beta
  61. Can BibleWorks run in Yosemite?
  62. BUG Yosemite
  63. Bibleworks Issue with Yosemite
  64. BW9 on Macbook Air
  65. Features that don't work in Mac BW9 native (CodeWeavers) installation
  66. Crash on installation
  67. BW10 - Crash on start up
  68. Any BW10 Mac users with Retina displays?
  69. Installing Modules
  70. BW10 on MacBook Air / MacBook Pro?
  71. BibleWorks 10 Mac Installer 10-16 update
  72. BW 10 Mac Installation Freeze
  73. Mac Installer 16 is the latest? Installer 14 safer?
  74. Bibleworks10 Mac userdb Folder
  75. Is BW for Mac El Capitan ready?
  76. BW 9.0 Freezes on Mac
  77. Just Me? Last two updates broke BW 10 | Mac
  78. Fail to launch BW9.0 on Mac
  79. Export colors
  80. 4/25: Beta build for Retina displays available
  81. BibleWorks 10 on iPad Pro
  82. 5/3/2016 Final Build for Retina displays available!
  83. Best retina-setting on Fusion
  84. Scrolling one verse at a time
  85. Font on Mac too crisp
  86. Changing the Default Configuration
  87. BW Keyboard Display in Mac Problem
  88. Scroll Bars are Super Tiny
  89. Separate Mac User Profile
  90. Reapply Color Files?
  91. MacOS 10 Compatibility
  92. Mac Editor?
  93. does BibleWorks 10 work on the new macOS Sierra?
  94. Bulleted and numbered list support! Keyboard Window support.
  95. Can I install BibleWorks in a Mac and copy info and paste it in a Word document?
  96. Reinstalling BW10 on Mac
  97. windows 10
  98. BUG- Statistic Window not Syncing
  99. BW won't initialize! Help!
  100. New Mac Installer version (MCW 10-35) posted
  101. New Mac Installer posted (MCW 10-39)
  102. Im in need of changing the font setting for the menus (BW9) on MBP Retina
  103. Importing notes from Windows to Mac
  104. BW on every desktop (multi-desktop on Mac)?
  105. High Sierra
  106. Missing markers for choosing version or search limit windows
  107. BW on an iPad
  108. Hebrew-LXX parallel display problem on Mac
  109. Slow start up
  110. Initialization Failure
  111. Tab context menu on a Mac
  112. Need Advice on New BW 10 Install in VM
  113. Bibleworks will not work with next macOS (10.14)?
  114. Problem after resizing BW window on Mac
  115. Problem typing Greek accents
  116. BW Clashes after search
  117. Version Database Compiler
  118. BW10 stuck
  119. Scrolling one verse at a time
  120. BW10 scaling on Win10 via Parallels?
  121. x64 BibleWorks 10 Mac Installer Beta
  122. macOS 10.14 and BibleWorks
  123. Is it possible to update from 9 to 10 without uninstalling 9?
  124. BW 10 iso file
  125. Create Backup Thumb Drive on macOS
  126. Can i delete databases from Applications folder that are in Applications Support?
  127. BW 10 on Mac installation stuck
  128. BW10 64 bit Mac beta crashing on start
  129. Update problem
  130. BW 10 installation on Macbook Pro
  131. Mac OS Mojave 10.14
  132. Search version with Scandinavian letters
  133. reinstall help....please.
  134. Can't open resources on Mac
  135. BW Display on Mac (OSX Sierra) is very small
  136. Mac installer missing
  137. No Danish Bibles in beta x64?
  138. Stuck in install mode after installation
  139. Problem Installing BW on a New MacBook Pro
  140. Hebrew WTT
  141. test
  142. Can't generate ISO file link
  143. Move from 32 bit Mac installation to 64 bit
  144. BibleWorks 64 bit stopped working.
  145. Cannot copy Greek font to Microsoft Office - apparently the ttf file is corrupted
  146. help with 64-bit Mac note transfer
  147. BW10 on Mac now not opening
  148. Is anyone else having this problem?
  149. BW 64-bit isn't sufficient for Apple?
  150. BibleWorks Full x64 Mac Installer - Where is it?
  151. Where is a Valid Mac Activation Code? or Hardware ID for my iMac OS X Yosemite?
  152. Bibleworks 10 64bit does not work after installing Catalina
  153. Working Catalina solution for the impatient
  154. CrossOver 19 released
  155. Install BW9 on another computer of mine
  156. Latest on Catalina?
  157. Installing on my mac
  158. Cannot Open BW with new 64bit "Update"
  159. Bibleworks9 on Mojave
  160. Which Font for the Croatian and Slavonic Bible?
  161. Problems with a Greek lexicon
  162. Adding translations and Greek lexicons
  163. Running Bibleworks 10 on Catalina with Crossover
  164. Enlarging the font on my screen
  165. Where's the BW9 Mac Installer?
  166. BibleWorks on macOS 10.15.5 Catalina
  167. Big Sur Crossover and BibleWorks
  168. Big Sur, Crosover, Mac of Windows version?
  169. TWOT activation in Catalina
  170. I am sorry to ask, but I need some serious help
  171. Activation Codes no longer work
  172. Help needed
  173. Unable to install on Macbook Air 2020 (M1 chip)
  174. Two problems after fresh BW10 install on Mac
  175. Problem in switching from one to another resource in Vs1 on Mac running in crossover
  176. How Can I Run BibleWorks 9 (native Mac Installer) on High Sierra (macOS 10.13)?
  177. Problem with resources not not being properly keyed to verses on Mac
  178. How to obtain BW 10 for Mac?
  179. Theological Wordbook of the Old Testament does not show up
  180. Emulator Advice for BW10 on MacBook Pro
  181. Install BW10 thru Crossover: Failed. Please help.
  182. Can I run BW10 on MacOS Monterey using Rosetta?
  183. New Macinstaller?
  184. Bibleworks to Accordance
  185. A facebook post by a bibleworker I went to high school with
  186. Why won't BW10 open after splash screen?
  187. MacOS 13 Ventura & CrossOver 22
  188. antivirus software for my 2017 MacBook Pro
  189. Bibleworks on Monterey using wineskin (Free)
  190. What problems did upgrading cause for BibleWorks?
  191. reinstall BW10 on my Mac Big Sur
  192. I need to upgrade to macOS Big Sur
  193. BW suddenly stopped working