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  1. A short review of BibleWorks9
  2. Greek Transliteration
  3. non-Unicode Hebrew to Unicode & removing vowel points
  4. Remapping the unicode keyboard map
  5. BW 9.0 quick reinstallation?
  6. Chinese Version Navigation Problem
  7. Find All Verb Lemmas, Parsings, Chapters and Verses (for certain Bible Books)
  8. Jesus said, "no one can come to me unless the Father draws him"
  9. Working with Hebrew, Greek, and English in the MT and LXX - BW9... and GreekNT
  10. Update Not working
  11. Search problem
  12. Lost Analysis Window
  13. [Q] How to find all verses in which a word occurs N or more times?
  14. New Version Timetable
  15. word tips in german?
  16. "An error has occurred in the script on this page"
  17. An Aramaic issue in Daniel 2:22
  18. Exporting Greek fonts without accents or breathing marks - possible or not ?
  19. Toggle ALL English versions
  20. Tov-Polak Parallel LXX/MT
  21. Pink highlighting in BW
  22. gntvoc.vrc
  23. separated command line
  24. search
  25. Readable Study Guides.
  26. What's up with the forum?
  27. Problem with WTT Song of Solomon
  28. printing color files
  29. Text Display in Browse Window
  30. Searching the NT for Accents and breaching marks - a question (urgent)
  31. Install on Linux using codeweavers crosstie link
  32. Testing the documentary hypothesis
  33. Greek and Hebrew copyrights
  34. How to install BibleWorks 9 in Surface Pro Microsoft Tablet
  35. Asyndetic phrases in Paul
  36. Ubuntu Touch
  37. CNTTS question
  38. Please make the buttons bigger for tablet
  39. Have trouble with Verse Report
  40. English Gloss in KWIC
  41. Latest BW Executable
  42. Exporting text - question
  43. Syntactical Searches in Qumran Hebrew Texts?
  44. Transliterated Greek
  45. Greek search issues
  46. NETS - Forget the dead horse . . . get a new one.
  47. Transfer interrupted : The internet connection was broken
  48. Where's the New Testament?
  49. How to view the NA28 Greek apparatus to determine textual variance for a text?
  50. How do change Bible translations shown in different window (currently NAS and BGT)?
  51. How to find the number of word appearances within a pericope?
  52. Textual variants, 1 Peter 1:10-12 -- are there extra words missing?
  53. Rev. 4 DVDs and Vulgate 5th edition
  54. X number of random verses from search results
  55. "Half-brackets" in WHT
  56. NETS again (and again and again and ...)
  57. Can I do a Greek word study with BW9 (Philo, Josephus, Pseudepigrapha, Septuagint)?
  58. How do I cite Bibleworks BDAG in Turabian style?
  59. Using Search Limits with Cross Version searches
  60. Searches
  61. Sound Files in Flashcard Module
  62. Question Concerning Activating Manuscripts Tab
  63. BWW 9 and Asus T100TA Transformer
  64. Search in greek and hebrew simultanously
  65. Managing more than one notes database
  66. Odd display/responsiveness issue
  67. Word or Excel macro to convert morphological coding scheme
  68. Notes versus Editor
  69. Read WTT
  70. Brackets and parentheses a mess when copying Kethib/Qere'
  71. Does BW9 have the Talmud?
  72. Bibleworks and WINE
  73. Installing BW9 from External Drive
  74. BibleWorks 9 on Surface 2 Tablet...
  75. Backing up BW folders for multiple pc's
  76. Psalms problem
  77. How to get NIV2011 with BW7?
  78. Stats problem
  79. Tischendorf's Critical Apparatus, I-016 citation form Matthew 14:14 and onward?
  80. Has The Forum Changed?
  81. BW8: Can I stack the Search, Browse, and Analysis panes? (Win8 Tablet, HP Omni)
  82. Bibleworks 9 Greek keyboard/ language/translation questions.
  83. Briefly: repeating Database activation notice
  84. Question analysis window.
  85. How to change default Notes and Editor format to RTF from BWW
  86. Read transcribed MSS in uncials?
  87. Help
  88. Verse window text size
  89. searching for 1st singular cohortatives
  90. How can I export the results of the "Parallel Hebrew-LXX" tool as a result list ?
  91. Best way to search for verses with every letter of the Hebrew or Greek alphabets?
  92. Strongs search
  93. Caution when pasting in MS Word if you'll embed fonts
  94. Converting bwhebb to a Unicode font in Adobe InDesign
  95. Global Search for Greek Words Possible?
  96. Hebrew Export Fonts problem
  97. quick search
  98. Can't repair BW8 under XP D:\layout.bin wrong parrameter
  99. BibleWorks 9 Revision 4 Replacement DVDs
  100. Parallel window question
  101. Find all LXX/NT Verbs and ...
  102. How to list: textual form, lexical form, lexicon gloss for verse range
  103. Searching Numbers
  104. Borrowing Verb Search
  105. Flashcard module
  106. Strongs Hebrew Search
  107. Font size in browse window
  108. help - symbols error on the lexicon window
  109. Why does BibleWorks say "House-Cleaning Please Wait" when exiting program?
  110. How do I creat my own BW version/database?
  111. Aquila, Symmachus, and Theodotion text
  112. Can't find BW600.ini anywhere - please help
  113. How to search the Passive Participles in Aramaic?
  114. Apply color to search result problem
  115. Typing Hebrew in Command Line
  116. newbie questions
  117. Searching for two words within five verses
  118. Question about mss pictures
  119. English-Greek Lookup
  120. Mss Abbreviations
  121. Searching across verse boundaries in Greek NT
  122. compare LXX translation to Hebrew source
  123. The Theological Journals Library?
  124. Cannot update (Patch file size is incorrect)
  125. BW9 installation forced Flash installation and crashes the browser
  126. Morphology Assistant
  127. a help with graphical search engine
  128. Install BibleWorks 9 in Ubuntu Linux with Wine
  129. Dynamic New Help Feature Is Here!
  130. Questions on searching Hebrew and Hebrew word statistics
  131. Exporting SBL Greek
  132. Copy Hebrew to Excel
  133. Hebrew analysis window won't go away
  134. Unicode Export Question -- Again!
  135. Unofficial BibleWorks Blog Site Maintenance
  136. WordSearch Inquiry
  137. BibleWorks on Android Phone
  138. two questions on copying/viewing Hebrew
  139. Can I copy without Masoretic decoration?
  140. English translation of the Vugate ?
  141. search for homonym on the Hebrew word 'soap' in Mal 3:20
  142. Something has changed-- Bibleworks on my tablet
  143. Birds Dying/Flying
  144. Proper Names List
  145. Is it possible to copy to MS Word without linebread?
  146. Which tablet?
  147. Revised Chinese Union Version?
  148. Freaking microsoft
  149. text comparison
  150. Analysis Window Data for own Version
  151. Using BW to preach Proverbs
  152. BHS Apparatus
  153. Can I add a Theology tab to the right hand window? Hoping to integrate Bavinck.
  154. Inexplicable Coloring in Browse Window
  155. ESV with Strongs
  156. How to hover (analysis window update) in Windows 8 (Tablet, BW8) ?
  157. Pickering's Greek Text and Translation; Mickelson Clarified Scholar
  158. Columns in Words Tab are not Wide Enough
  159. Search feature
  160. drogulin font - what codepage is it?
  161. Permissions for using images I made from the MSS Module to be a background for a blog
  162. Another Bug?
  163. Problem with unicode for Targums
  164. BibleWorks and the Thesaurus Linguae Graecae (TLG)
  165. BW9 search window positioning
  166. Hyperlinks and Popups in Notes
  167. Another Popup Question
  168. Differing results on lemma searches
  169. Problem in Mss (Mark 15-47)
  170. WTM search assistance: construct phrases with maqqef as object followed by participle
  171. maps without places
  172. Resources Font Size (BW 8)
  173. BW 9 do not display corectly the romanian font from CNS in Linux Ubuntu with WINE
  174. BW 9 do not display corectly the romanian font from CNS in Linux Ubuntu with WINE
  175. Scrivener with BibleWorks?
  176. Tagging of John 17,2 in BibleWorks
  177. PLEASE PARTICIPATE: Survey on religious practices in digital culture
  178. Line spacing changes on its own
  179. Searching for numbers
  180. Bibleworks & Tablets: Display Settings
  181. Search for all form of "fusis" (nature)
  182. Having problems with sony vaio with the display windows in Bibleworks
  183. How to stop automatic update of Analysis Window in BW9?
  184. Crash report, cut/paste Hebrew text in editor, under OSX Mavericks
  185. How do I print contents & text ref of the Verse List Manager in order inserted?
  186. BW and the pulpit
  187. Hebrew Transliteration
  188. How To Switch Display Version in Browse Tab (single verison mode) via Command Line?
  189. Search for questions
  190. "Fatal Error" starting point
  191. French translations
  192. Setting Dictionary
  193. Problem with Text Comparison Setting
  194. Is there an easy way to copy verses to OneNote
  195. CNTTS apparatus
  196. Confirming error in CNTTS Apparatus
  197. WANTED an empty list of references to all verses of WTT (BW6 Heb. OT)
  198. Greek vocabulary flashcards as a phone app?
  199. Trouble with CSB OT
  200. What do you use on Android devices?
  201. BW under Mac crashes instantly and repeatedly
  202. mouse word hover not working
  203. Deleting log files?
  204. Erasing previous highlighting
  205. Search Limits: QST and OT
  206. comparing multiple searches?
  207. Position of Highlighted verse in the Analysis Window Browse Tab?
  208. Negative range search
  209. Dell Venue 8 Pro 32 or 64 for BW?
  210. On Silluq Search
  211. Is There A Way To Delete The Apocrypha From New Revised Standard Version
  212. Language Changing
  213. Trying to understand how to search for hapax legomenae
  214. Hebrew morphology - 2nd m/f singular suffix in pause - mistakes galore!
  215. Bible Software Pricing Comments and Using Bibleworks 8 on an Apple MAC
  216. Bible Works with Android?
  217. Do I Have Most Recent Version of ESV?
  218. Does Bibleworks Allow This
  219. Retaining the NIB in BW9
  220. Granville Sharp in GSE with one addition?
  221. CNTTS Suggestions
  222. Hebrew Add ins in Microsoft Windows 2010
  223. Finding string of Hebrew letters no matter where in a word they occur.
  224. Patrick Spicer video #2
  225. I would like to sell my copy of BW9 w/ BDAG, HALOT, NIVO for $225.00
  226. Possible to make Audio Bible work on Mac?
  227. Audio Greek in BW9?
  228. Comparison/listing Accordance and BibleWorks
  229. Word Count in NAU
  230. Searching in Greek
  231. BW9 plus HALOT and BDAG (and Mac Installer) $450
  232. Searching Analysis
  233. Bible App Recommendation
  234. Online file backup services
  235. "Copy Selected Text" format one step behind
  236. Coloring NA28
  237. Search by frequency and book (Greek)
  238. Highlighting Hebrew Verbs
  239. Copied Verse Reference Exports as "Zero"
  240. Exporting Search Results in UTF 8 format
  241. Aramaic Vocabulary Flash Cards?
  242. BibleWorks 9 plus BDAG/HALOT (and optional Mac Installer) for sale
  243. Colors in the Browse window
  244. Display versions
  245. What am I doing wrong in this Greek search?
  246. Is it not possible to search for all aorist forms in a single search?
  247. Release of BW10?
  248. Spam in private messages
  249. How to construct a search string for all finite verbs?
  250. Why this difference in stats?