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  1. Serious text issue
  2. Statistics Counting Question
  3. Searches with Louw-Nida Domains
  4. find all Hebrew words that are translated as "save" in NAU
  5. No buying/selling on forums
  6. CHM Search workaround in BW8 or earlier
  7. BW9 and the Literature in ERMIE
  8. Feature Request . . .
  9. Updating suggestion
  10. Searching Wigram's TVM codes
  11. Searching for Hebrew letters
  12. change to a different CHM viewer ?
  13. Josephus Authoritive???
  14. Syncing notes among various computers
  15. Quotes about BibleWorks
  16. Install problem of Bibleworks 7 Rev A02 on Windows 7 64-bit
  17. LXX quotes in the NT
  18. Synopsis window
  19. all Geminate Verbs in the Hebrew Text
  20. Verse mapping limit
  21. Where is the punctuation in the LXX?
  22. NA28 ante portas!
  23. Problems in activating old modules when upgrading to BW9
  24. exporting text with color
  25. WORDSearch?
  26. Exporting verses without cross references
  27. BibleWorks 9 vs Logos 4 Original Languages
  28. Stacking and splitting the Analysis Window: feature request
  29. BHS critical apparatus
  30. BW 9.0.009u.1 Crashes When Using Parallel Hebrew - LXX
  31. "(A)" in LXT
  32. Smarter lemma searches?
  33. What does this mean?
  34. Bibleworks 8 with Windows 7 and Screen Resolution/Zoom on 125 %
  35. Hard lesson learned -- never assume BibleWorks will function if registry crashes
  36. Wild card search in WTM with vowels "on"
  37. Possible bug - Deu 11:22 WTT
  38. HELP! - Version Comparison
  39. Erasing search string when term(s) not found?
  40. Search for Tav Ending in 3rd Person Feminine Perfect Verbs
  41. Hook to a Different CHM Reader
  42. SCripture-tagging tool?
  43. BibleWorks and the Septuagint
  44. The Stats Tab and User-Defined Verse Ranges
  45. Can I show words of Christ in RED using Version 6?
  46. "Getting Started"-Window won´t adapt to my screen
  47. New BibleWorks Channel on Youtube
  48. Any Wordsearch Update?
  49. Video: BibleWorks 9 running on a Windows 8 tablet PC
  50. Pop-up verse in BW9
  51. Enlarge Text in Menu
  52. BW9 under Crossover on Mac Popups
  53. Distinguishing between Homographs in Command Line search
  54. Two Lexicons in Analysis Tab
  55. Indents in BW9 editor
  56. viewing/displaying cross-reference in other versions
  57. Sorting forms in a hebrew lemma search
  58. One more synching request
  59. Fun BW promotional video
  60. Colour highlighting
  61. BibleWorks for Mac
  62. Search for Adjectives with just two endings?
  63. All 2ms pronominal suffixes spelled כה
  64. Purchase/download individual translations?
  65. Search/Display Favorites Help
  66. how to separate different parts of speech in WTM?
  67. Tag, you're it
  68. Automatically displaying the text of a list of verses?
  69. It's quiet
  70. Display the text of a given a list of bible verses
  71. Pdf-File in Context menue ?
  72. Generate Strongs list with Hebrew/Greek words
  73. Bhs
  74. New computer
  75. Englihsman's search off a Strong's English text?
  76. BW Installation and Customization Guide
  77. Listing of all Hebrew, Greek, Syriac, Latin, and English texts for BW
  78. Warning about Trend Micro Titanium Maximum Security 2013 upgrade & BW9
  79. CNTTS search problem
  80. Feature Request
  81. cross version search
  82. Probably a stupid question about BHS
  83. Updater Problem
  84. Mouse Scroll Wheel
  85. Small version of BW9 to run off a flashdrive?
  86. Resource Summary window
  87. Syriac Peshitta
  88. Exporting X-refs with Text
  89. Formatting oddity
  90. Help! I have %$#^& my font display
  91. MS Word doesn't print Unicode copied from BW
  92. Macbook and the Popup Copy Window
  93. Bibleworks 7 for sale
  94. Word Tips Disappeared
  95. Happy BW9 on Windows 8 tablet video
  96. occurrences of third declension in NT?
  97. BibleWorks9 on Windows8?
  98. Popup window version and program shut down
  99. BibleWorks 9 for iPad 3?
  100. How Easy is it in BibleWorks?
  101. Latest BW Executable
  102. OT Peshitta
  103. Louw and Nida Domain Frequencies
  104. How often the LXX translates and MT word a certain way
  105. Search for "[" in GNT
  106. BibleWorks on Windows 8 Tablet
  107. Unicode Syriac -> CCAT or some other ASCII encoding?
  108. Settings for local languages
  109. Command line for periphrastic construction
  110. Need help for Searching Prose Texts?
  111. Printing Hebrew Issues
  112. First BW version to export with Unicode fonts
  113. How to search across all version tutorial
  114. number of words in a particular book of the bible
  115. BW9: copying Hebrew into Word text
  116. Freqncy co;unt for "NOT" search
  117. Error: dbu file
  118. BW 9 vs Logos 5
  119. BW9 installation strategy when combined with prior versions
  120. I have BW9 in DVD but my new notebook did not have the media drive
  121. Need help to search two different syntactical constructions in a verse
  122. Greek Isaiah in a Year
  123. Recent Update Took Away "Narrate WTT Chapter"
  124. How to search two different syntactical constructions in a verse
  125. Discounts
  126. [solution] BW on Parallels: Shift key doesn't freeze Word Analysis Window
  127. Tip: BW on Parallels - Shift key doesn't freeze Word Analysis Window
  128. a complex search
  129. Tip: BibleWorks on Parallels - Shift key doesn't freeze Word Analysis Window
  130. Popup copy window and text version
  131. Comparing vocabulary in two different passages
  132. Hebrew Ben Sira and Hebrew of the Mishnah: When?
  133. Hebrew keyboard question
  134. change popup versions
  135. Has anyone transferred/sold WordSearch modules for BibleWorks?
  136. Wondering about global searches
  137. IVP NT Dictionaries in WordSearch for sale at reduced rate
  138. How to display a whole chapter of text?
  139. Getting Access to Reference Works within BibleWorks (and elsewhere)
  140. Question on Display versions
  141. Apply Colour to text of BROTHER/COMPANION Search Results version?
  142. Easiest way to memorise scripture
  143. A Bit Disappointed
  144. Error when Update
  145. Error in Magiera Peshitta Translation in Joh 4,21?
  146. How do I...?
  147. Shortcut for Morphology assistant?
  148. Access to User created files
  149. Could this be of interest to anyone?
  150. BDAG for sale
  151. Peshitta - transliterated text for BibleWorks ?
  152. Margins
  153. Adobe flash missing
  154. Happy New Year!
  155. Problem with Book name
  156. Analytical research in Bibleworks 9
  157. Activation Code Recovery?
  158. problem with Bibleworks Resources
  159. Thai Language
  160. Bug in copying Hebrew?
  161. Bibleworks Update grayed out items
  162. Enclose Verse Text in Quotes
  163. CNTTS question
  164. Passive Verbs/Participles related to Jesus
  165. How to find Bible statistics, i.e. number of - verses, words, etc?
  166. Suggestions for improvements for the CNTTS Apparatus
  167. Unicode, Polytonic Greek keyboard map, and Bwgrkl - problems & questions
  168. Reactivation Required for Replaced Versions
  169. Qatal - Yiqtol
  170. Browse Window Shortcut Key
  171. Confusion in BW9 Help sec. 65 "BibleWorks Keyboard Layouts"
  172. Edit 'Tips Word'
  173. X-Refs Window
  174. Verse Map for CEB
  175. Trying to get Single Version Browse Mode to stick in Browse tab
  176. When is Compiling needed and when not?
  177. All sentences beginning with "And"
  178. New BW Executable Patch cannot update
  179. Export from Parallels Window in unicode
  180. Share your best tip for student instruction
  181. Access to the two Assistant dial.boxes
  182. Complete Hebrew Vocab List (Homonym Problem)
  183. What would you like to see in BibleWorks 10?
  184. Auto-update in Parallels and Synoptic Windows
  185. Can't sync notes with browser using keyboard shortcut
  186. How to change keyboard-layout in Notes
  187. Any info on which mss will be included next in the mss-tab?
  188. WordSearch-Modules and BW-integration
  189. Searching The Babylonian Talmud
  190. font_Deissmann’s Bible Studies
  191. How to fix Greek and Hebrew fonts not displaying in CHM files - Grammars, etc
  192. How to change Bible in Synopsis Tool the fast way?
  193. Q
  194. sort references in summary window
  195. Real life examples of KWIC-searches
  196. Lost my tool-bar configuration, anything to do?
  197. Cross Version Search-mode not searching outside Biblical texts
  198. Hit highlighting colour
  199. No Room for Nave's References
  200. Verse numbering and linking issues in "Additions" to Esther
  201. User database to verse tab
  202. Converting *.BWW note files to *.rtf
  203. Need Some Simple GSE Help
  204. Strong's Question
  205. Getting rid of footnotes in Bible texts
  206. Greek Word and English Version Task
  207. Where can I get the John Wycliffe Bible for BibleWorks?
  208. Pop-Ups in Hyperlinks
  209. BW add on modules
  210. Latest update crashes on Linux
  211. When will NA 28 be available?
  212. GSE search - help needed ..
  213. What are red letters in Text Of The Earliest New Testament Greek Manuscripts (CTENTM)
  214. Root list separated by homonym?
  215. Searching by Hebrew root
  216. Selling BW9
  217. Writing an Exegetical Paper?
  218. Can you copy images from the ESV Study Bible to powerpoints?
  219. Accidentally deleted my BW 9 help contents file!!
  220. ERMIE and LOGOS
  221. OR queries in the GSE search?
  222. Update window
  223. Browse window 'verse advance' hotkey?
  224. How to find ALL uses of cognate accusative regardless of root?
  225. BW loosing out to competition
  226. Basic Question: Opening a block of text in a Window or Pane
  227. Online Seminar?
  228. Version Description Files
  229. BW stopping Windows from shutting down
  230. Command line help: All the different French words used to translate [Greek]
  231. searching the English text of BDB
  232. footnotes of TNK missing?
  233. Is it possible to export a list of words found in a search?
  234. Isolating Verbs in a Passage Using KWIC
  235. How to Limit Searches to Selections of Text below the Level of the Verse
  236. W​TT(with cantillation) ---> MS-Word error
  237. Error Message when trying to update
  238. Error in the WTT text
  239. remove "Bible Works" folder from My Documents
  240. Na28
  241. What I like about BW9 - after only one day . . .
  242. Frequencies of Hebrew Noun Patterns (Mishqalim)
  243. can't find 1 timothy
  244. ESV problem
  245. Hebrew Stem Stats
  246. BibleWorks and Tablets
  247. Export more databases
  248. Migrating Configurations
  249. Popup versions for verse references
  250. Simple Search in BibleWorks 9 for Parentheses in ESV version