Applying BibleWorks 9 Patches Manually

To manually update BibleWorks 9 from this website, please follow the directions below:

  1. Close BibleWorks.
  2. To download an update, find the update you want below, click on its link with the right mouse button and select Save target as... (Internet Explorer) or Save link as... (Firefox, Chrome).
  3. You can now save the update file to your hard drive. Be sure to make note of the folder and file name so you can easily find it. We recommend you save the update file in your BibleWorks installation folder (c:\Program Files\BibleWorks or c:\Program Files (x86)\BibleWorks 9 by default) to make things simpler.
  4. Once the file has been downloaded to your hard drive, open the Windows Explorer and locate the file you just downloaded.
  5. Once the file is found, simply double-click it with your mouse to install the patch.


If your patch files fail to install, you may have a damaged installation.Please check the following:

  1. You may need to re-install from the DVD first.  If you are trying to install a patch for files that you did not install to the hard drive, the patch cannot be applied.  For example, if you download a patch for the BCI, but you have not installed the BCI on your hard drive, the patch cannot be installed.
  2. There may have been a problem with the download, and the file is not valid. Try downloading the patch file again.
  3. Your installation may be damaged. If your installation is damaged, you should follow these steps:
    1. Backup personal BibleWorks files (e.g. notes, edited files, etc.)
    2. Uninstall BibleWorks
    3. Delete the BibleWorks folder
    4. Re-install it from DVD.

If you're still stuck, click here to submit a support request.


King James Atualizada AKJ (9.0.0010v) (23226K)
This update adds a new Portuguese version, the King James Actualizada, Copyright © 2002 by Abba Press Brazil & Iberian-American Bible Society.
01/31/2013 07:11:31
Alford Greek New Testament (9.0.0007n) (821K)
This update adds the Alford Greek New Testament (1874). No morphology is available yet.
04/02/2012 22:31:54
Greek Alias File (9.0.0010s) (123K)
Updates the Greek alias list (used to find lexicon entries when there are variant spellings)
08/31/2012 19:35:37
Apostolic Fathers Update (9.0.0006t) (6056K)
This update contains error correction updates to all Apostolic Fathers databases (APF, APE, APL,APM) as well new versions of these databases (APFH, APEH, APLH,APMH) which use the newer Holmes verse numbering for Hermas. It also contains new Greek, English and Latin texts of the Lake edition of the Apostolic Fathers (LAKE-G, LAKE-E, etc.). There is also the text of the Lightfoot English translation (LAF-E). Thanks to Michael Hanel for all his work on this update!
03/27/2012 19:10:47
Norwegian B11 ( (3127K)
This update adds the B11 Norwegisn version: Bibelen 2011 Norsk (Bokmål), © The Norwegian Bible Society 2011.
05/10/2013 19:31:42
Catalan Bible Version (BCI) ( (4913K)
This provides a 2013 update for the BCI version.
01/28/2014 02:31:01
BFT R-P Greek NT with Friberg Morph (9.0.0009c) (4081K)
Fixed textual error in Rev 2:17
01/22/2013 21:19:28
BNP Spanish Version ( (3413K)
Fixes some file corruption problems in the Psalms.
07/06/2014 02:29:44
BYZ Robinson-Pierpont Greek NT Text (9.0.0009d) (8207K)
9.0.0008p Fixed number of conversion errors 9.0.0008q Fixed textual error in Rev 2:17 9.0.0009c Added marginal notes, paragraphs for the BYZ Greek text 9.0.0009d Fixed crash bug when BYZ is displayed in mss tab for some verses
04/19/2012 22:15:48
CCV Contemporary Chinese Version NT (9.0.0009k) (1165K)
This update adds the Contemporary Chinese Version (Traditional Chinese) New Testament, copyright © 2010 Chinese Bible International Limited. The Version ID is CCV.
04/30/2012 17:50:12
CEB Version Update (9.0.0010p) (4171K)
This update adds the Apocrypha to the Common English Version (CEB).
01/31/2013 06:25:23
Italian CEI Version ( (7327K)
This update adds La Sacra Bibbia della Conferenza Episcopale Italiana (CEI). This is the official Italian version of the Roman Catholic Church. The original post incorrectly stated that it was the 2008 version but it was the 1974 version. This post contains both versions.
06/09/2014 14:58:38
CNTTS ( (97222K)
CNTTS: The variant numbering scheme was made more user friendly. Complex variations are now coded with multiple codes. MSS key updated.
09/23/2013 23:06:48
Chinese CNV Bible Update ( (7032K)
This update provides the latest files for the CNV5 and CNVS Chinese versions.
07/09/2014 15:04:11
CRV Russian Version ( (1979K)
Contemporary Russian Version. Old Testament (canonical books) and New Testament (complete). Copyright (c) 2011 The Bible Society in Russia Updates copyright information
07/11/2013 15:33:08
CSBO 1995 Version (9.0.0007t) (3471K)
This patch updates the 1995 version of the CSB Bible version. The wrong files were distributed on the DVD. This update requires that you already have the CSBO files installed. They are no longer distributed with BibleWorks and are available only if you have upgraded from an earlier version of BibleWorks.
02/23/2012 00:51:53
Holman Christian Standard Bible (CSB) ( (5590K)
Fixes some compilation errors in the 2013 CSB update. Also adds Strong's Numbers to the CSB. Fixes some verse mapping problems with last update.
08/15/2015 19:07:18
Wallace Grammar (ESNT) (9.0.0007b) (3269K)
This update represents a major update in Wallace's Exegetical Syntax of the New Testamant. The grammar has been completely reformatted and cleaned up considerably. The Greek font is now Unicode and a number of usability features have been added and rhe Greek font and CHM text size can now be changed in BibleWorks in the Setup Fonts window. Enjoy.
04/17/2012 21:28:21
ESV Bible Version 2011 (9.0.0010m) (5637K)
This patch updates the ESV bible to the 2011 release.
01/15/2013 19:15:30
BibleWorks Executable ( (10546K) Fixed multiuser authentication bug Fixed Results Win refresh bug Fixed Hebrew tab issue with Tavultesoft keyboard Fixed Video problem caused by recent Windows 10 security fix Fixed keyboard problem with some non-English keyboards
For a list of all other changes click here.
10/10/2017 20:50:47
BibleWorks Fonts (9.0.0008b) (27K)
This patch updates the BwHebb Hebrew font. The only change is an alteration in the dagesh in the final Peh in Proverbs 30:6. If the font does not reinstall properly you can manuall delete the font from the Windows Fonts folder, then right click on bwhebb.ttf in the BibleWorks folder and click install.
02/28/2012 01:55:09
Help File (9.0.0012k) (18021K)
9.0.0005g Fixed some BW8 graphics left behind 9.0.0005t Added some CNTTS examples 9.0.0009p Maintenance release 9.0.0009t Added new text in context/word tab options section 9.0.0012k Repairs a corrupted Table of Contents
02/05/2013 21:43:43
Holladay Hebrew Lexicon (9.0.0008b) (1531K)
Fixes some formatting problems, mostly having to do with italicized text.
03/06/2012 17:22:51
KJV King James Version (9.0.0008c) (5034K)
Fixed a problem with searches not finding words in the Psalm headings.
02/28/2012 06:18:08
KRV Korean Revised Version (9.0.0008b) (2792K)
Corrects some word spacing problems.
02/27/2012 17:23:14
Leeser Old Testament (9.0.0007g) (2537K)
This update adds the Isaac Leeser (Jewish Bible) version (1853). Copyright (2003) by Larry Nelson. The version id is LEE.
02/13/2012 17:47:32
Louw-Nida Lexicon (9.0.0012m) (72K)
Fixes minor bug in the Louw-Nida domain wordlist.
02/12/2013 22:05:27
BibleWorks Fonts (Mac format) (9.0.0005m) (2829K)
This update contains BibleWorks 9 fonts in Mac format. They are provided in both sitx and zip file formats.
08/02/2011 15:18:54
BibleWorks Maps Executable (9.0.0005v) (352K)
Fixed problem with context sensitive help.
For a list of all other changes click here.
12/19/2011 19:51:15
Morphology Database Files (MDB) (9.0.0008t) (1K)
This patch contains a script that will cause BW to recompile morphology use databases for tagged Greek versions. This is needed to support the new "Forms" tab.
03/28/2012 00:40:33
MIT Bible Version (9.0.0011r) (2062K)
This patch updates the MIT Bible Version with the latest changes.
12/22/2012 22:36:42
Norwegian N11 ( (3145K)
This update adds the N11 Norwegisn version: Bibelen 2011 Norsk (Nynorsk), © The Norwegian Bible Society 2011.
05/10/2013 19:32:06
NAB Bible Version ( (5876K)
Fixes some conversion errors.
04/24/2015 16:24:46
NIV Bible Version (9.0.0009u) (3172K)
Update to NIV 2011 files
10/13/2014 17:06:02
George Noyes Bible (9.0.0007g) (1772K)
This update adds the George Noyes Bible (1869). Copyright (2003) by Larry Nelson. The version id is NOY.
02/01/2012 22:51:08
Philo ( (13337K)
Updates to the Philo morphology.
12/21/2016 02:02:05
Polish PUBG Version ( (1018K)
This is an updated version of the Updated Gdansk Bible. It replaces the BUG version. The publisher wanted to change the id to PUBG so you can delete the BUG version.
05/09/2013 18:46:31
RBT Russian Translation (9.0.0008s) (1228K)
This patch adds a new Russian Translation. Currently it contains the Psalms and the New Testaments. Copyright © 2002 Bible Translation Institute at Zaoksky, Ul. Rudneva- 43 A, Zaoksky, Tula Region, Russia, 301000,
03/22/2012 22:49:39
Portuguese RCS Version ( (4090K)
This update contains the Portuguese Interconfessional Translation (RCS) (2009). It is an updated version of the SBP version which may be removed.
05/10/2013 19:57:04
Rotherham Bible (9.0.0007g) (3377K)
This update adds the Rotherham Bible (1868). Copyright (1999) by Larry Nelson. The version id is ROT.
02/01/2012 22:54:06
Revised Patriarchal Text (9.0.0010g) (2423K)
This update adds an English translation of the Greek Revised Patriarcha Text (RPT). Provided by Wayne Mitchell, The version id id RPTE.
07/13/2012 14:51:14
SBP Portuguese Translation (9.0.0007q) (3458K)
This update fixes several conversion problems with the SBP version.
02/20/2012 21:53:58
SCR Scrivener Greek NT Text (9.0.0005m) (3923K)
9.0.0005m Fixed number of conversion errors
04/19/2012 16:56:32
Hebrew Sirach ( (3918K)
This option adds the Hebrew Sirach text to BibleWorks. The versions are SIRT and SIRM. The only book is SIR.
07/09/2014 14:56:05
SVV Dutch Statenvertaling Update (9.0.0009r) (5177K)
This update fixes a problem with missing Strong's numbers in Hosea.
06/02/2012 16:26:24
Targum Databases (9.0.0008w) (9641K)
This set of patches corrects some variant marking issues in the Targum databases.
04/19/2012 16:57:48
TBT Greek NT Text (9.0.0005m) (3924K)
9.0.0005m Fixed number of conversion errors
04/10/2012 13:52:37
Tregelles Greek New Testament (9.0.0006t) (1645K)
Minor error corrections.
03/22/2012 17:19:48
Update Instruction FIle (9.0.0007q) (1K)
This patch will cause several English versions to be recompiled to fix a problem with searches on possessives. The program will be restarted twice during the update.
03/23/2012 17:13:02
Bulgarian Veren Version (9.0.0010v) (2997K)
This update installs a new Bulgarian version. Copyright © 2010 by Veren Publishers.
09/19/2012 19:23:53
WHT Westcott-Hort Greek NT Text (9.0.0009u) (3919K)
9.0.0009u Fixed number of conversion errors
07/18/2012 23:44:26
WTMHALS Database (9.0.0007r) (1825K)
This update fixes a problem in the database that links WTM lemmas to the HALOT database.
02/22/2012 00:47:55
WTM Strongs Maps (9.0.0008n) (737K)
Fixes some problems with Strong's numbers when the Strong's Lexicon is the Analysis Window default for Hebrew
03/14/2012 23:52:32