Updates for BibleWorks 4, Revisions 3 & 4

All BibleWorks updates are in the form of "patches" to the databases on the BibleWorks 4.0 CD. You will need the CD to apply these patches. To install a patch, download and run it from any location. You must install BibleWorks before applying these patches and cannot use them if you are running in "CD Only" mode.  If you are having trouble, or need more detailed directions, click here.

The Rev 4 CD was pressed in April 2000 so you don't need any updates dated earlier than this if you have a Rev 4 CD.

BibleWorks Release Version - These files update the BibleWorks program executables. Choose the proper file for the Operating System that you are running. 

  BibleWorks Executable - Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP Release
Updates the 4.0 Executable to 4.0.037k. (600K)
  BibleWorks Executable - Windows 3.1 Release
Updates the 4.0 Executable to 4.0.037k. (200K)

These are updates for the BibleWorks Greek and Hebrew Databases. Work on the LXX and GNT Morphology Databases is ongoing and we recommend frequent updates of these databases. Check the dates to see if you need an update.

LXT - Rhalfs' LXX Text Database Update (280K)
If you download this file you must also have the latest BLM database file.
  BLM - BibleWorks LXX Morphology Database Update (1100K) 10/26/00
  BGM - BibleWorks Combined LXX/BNM Morphology Update (1300K)
  BNM - BibleWorks New Testament Greek Morphology Update (77K) 10/26/00
  BNT - BibleWorks New Testament Greek Update (61K) 1/28/00
  BGT - BibleWorks Combined BNT/LXT Greek Update (300K) 10/26/00
  LS - Liddell-Scott Lexicon Update (632K) 10/26/00
  Louw-Nida Lexicon Update (100k) 1/8/01
  WTT - BHS Hebrew Text Database Update (59K)
If you download this file you must also have the latest WTM file. Note that if you download this patch you should also have the latest program executable.
  WTM - Westminster Hebrew Morphological Database Update (60K)
If your download this file you must also have the latest WTT file. Note that if you download this patch you should also have the latest program executable.

These are updates for Other BibleWorks Databases. These are very minor fixes. In most cases less than a half-dozen verses are affected.

  NAS - English New American Standard Update (50k) 3/23/01
  NAU - English New American Standard (1995) Update (50k) 3/23/01
  Strong's Number Database Update (100k)
Currently only the Dutch version is affected. 
  LBA La Biblia de Las Americas (1986) Version Update (250k) 3/20/00
  FBJ - FBJ French Jesusalem Bible Update (170K) 10/21/00
  LND - La Nuova Diodati (Italian) Update (60k) 3/20/00

Version 4.0 Miscellaneous Files 

  Changes (900K)
This file contains a summary of the most important changes made to BibleWorks 4.0 since the initial release. It is an RTF file that should be readable by most word processors, but for some reason the graphics look a lot better in Word 97 (which was used to produce the file).
  Changes (German)  (500K)
This contains a German translation of the Changes document above.
  Changes (Spanish)  (500K)
This contains a Spanish translation of the Changes document above.

To update BibleWorks 4.0 from this website, simply follow the directions below:

  1. To download an update, click the appropriate link and save the update file to your hard drive. Be sure to make note of the file name so you can easily find it.
  2. Your browser may ask if you want to run this program from its current location or save it to disk. Choose to "Save to disk".
  3. You will then be given a "Save As" dialog just like if you have chosen to save a document or any other file you were using. Simply choose a location on your hard drive for the file and click "Save".
  4. When the download is finished, find the file you downloaded by opening the folder in which you saved it.
  5. Put your BibleWorks Installation CD in the drive and give the computer a few seconds to recognize that it is there and then double-click the update file you downloaded. This will start the patch installation program, which will do the rest for you.


There are a several reasons why the patch files might fail to install.

  1. The patch will not work if you have downloaded a patch for the wrong CD Revision.  If your CD is Rev 2 download the Rev 2 patches, if your CD is Rev 3 download the Rev 3 patches, etc. 
  2. The patch program must read your BibleWorks initialization file in order to determine where BibleWorks is installed on your system.  The initialization file is only created after you have run BibleWorks at least once.  Make sure you have an initialization file named bworks95.ini located in your C:\windows folder and try the update again. 
  3. You may have run a hard disk clean-up utility such as "CleanSweep".  These utilities incorrectly remove files needed for the update process.  If you have run these utilities then you will need to reinstall BibleWorks to make sure all of the files are in place.  
  4. If you have a Rev 2 CD, you may be trying to install an update that you do not need.  The date of the files on the Rev 2 CD is May 21, 1999.  Therefore, if you have a Rev 2 CD, you do not need any of the patches with dates earlier than this.  If have a Rev 2 CD and you attempt to install a patch with an earlier date, it will not install.  Your Rev number is printed on your CD directly above the copyright info.  If no Rev number is printed, then you have Rev 1. 
  5. There may have been a problem with the download and the file is not valid.  Try downloading the patch file again.

    Also read the messages carefully that appear on your screen as the update is installed.  If a problem is encountered it will usually say so here.

If you're still stuck, Click here to submit a support request.