Applying BibleWorks 10 Patches Manually

To manually update BibleWorks from this website, please follow the directions below:

  1. Close BibleWorks.
  2. To download an update, find the update you want below, click on its link with the right mouse button and select Save target as... (Internet Explorer) or Save link as... (Firefox, Chrome).
  3. You can now save the update file to your hard drive. Be sure to make note of the folder and file name so you can easily find it. We recommend you save the update file in your BibleWorks installation folder (c:\Program Files\BibleWorks 10 or c:\Program Files (x86)\BibleWorks 10 by default) to make things simpler.
  4. Once the file has been downloaded to your hard drive, open the Windows Explorer and locate the file you just downloaded.
  5. Once the file is found, simply double-click it with your mouse to install the patch.


If your patch files fail to install, you may have a damaged installation.Please check the following:

  1. You may need to re-install first.  If you are trying to install a patch for files that you did not install to the hard drive, the patch cannot be applied.  For example, if you download a patch for the BCI, but you have not installed the BCI on your hard drive, the patch cannot be installed.
  2. There may have been a problem with the download, and the file is not valid. Try downloading the patch file again.
  3. Your installation may be damaged. If your installation is damaged, you should follow these steps:
    1. Backup personal BibleWorks files (e.g. notes, edited files, etc.)
    2. Uninstall BibleWorks
    3. Delete the BibleWorks folder
    4. Re-install it from.

If you're still stuck, click here to submit a support request.


ANLEX ( (1823K)
Fixes some formatting fproblems in the Friberg ANLEX Greek Lexicon.
09/16/2015 22:23:26
ASV Bible Version Update ( (6247K)
Fixes some problems with the Psalm titles and a few typos.
07/10/2017 20:09:04
CNTTS ( (96869K)
CNTTS New Testament apparatus. Fixes an indexing problrm that affects multi-word searches.
03/23/2017 22:36:45
Croatian Bible (CRO) Update ( (3459K)
Added Croatian to list of languages supported in BW. Croatian keyboard now used by default. Requires BW exe 8.331 or later.
12/28/2017 20:12:17
Contemporary Russian Ver (CRV) Update ( (3220K)
This provides an update to the Contemporary Russian Version (CRV).
04/11/2017 21:42:39
Holman CSB 2017 Update ( (7215K)
This update adds the 2017 version of the Holman Christian Standard Version. The BibleWorks ID is CSB17. The previous version is still available under CSB. 3/22/1019 added version with Strongs numbers.
05/23/2018 13:37:25
Danker Lexicon Update ( (1186K)
Fixes a few formatting errors in the Danker Lexicon.
05/08/2015 15:07:14
DRA Douay-Rheims Update ( (7172K)
Fixes a corrupted index
09/16/2015 23:12:11
Eerdmans Dictionary ( (113890K)
This update installs the Eerdmans Disctionary of the Bible (2000). It is accessible through the main menu Resources menu and also via a new Dictionary tab. The dictionary tab requires version or later of the BibleWorks executable.
06/23/2017 00:58:47
Griesbach Greek NT ( (1658K)
The Griesbach Greek New Testament (1796 and 1805 editions). The Version IDs are GRI-05 and GRI-96. See the version info tab for details. Provided by Pasquale Amicarelli.
06/26/2015 03:40:52
Greek Alias List Update ( (144K)
Updates the Greek alias list in BibleWorks (used to find words with different spellings)
06/12/2018 16:56:47
BibleWorks Help ( (14426K)
Latest update to BibleWorks Help.
05/21/2018 21:40:41
Salkinson-Ginsburg HNT Update ( (1717K)
This release fixes some conversion errors in the Salkinson-Ginsburg Hebrew New Testament
05/30/2017 18:18:44
Dutch HSV Version ( (3877K)
Fixed a number of conversion errors
10/27/2015 18:18:09
ISBE Dictionary for Dictionary Tab ( (23026K)
Provides the ISBE dictionary in CHM format and for the new Dictionary Tab. This update adds more cross reference links.
07/18/2017 21:27:59
Lange's Commentary ( (74460K)
This update adds the Lange's Commentary to the VS tab in the Analysis column. Edited by John Peter Lange (1802-1884). This is still one of the best multivolume commentary sets on the whole Bible. Requires the latest BibleWorks exe.
08/29/2017 16:31:11
Modern Hebrew NT ( (741K)
This patch contains the latest update to the Modern Hebrew New Testament (MHT).
09/21/2015 21:54:55
MIT English Version Update ( (2062K)
This patch updates the Idiomatic Translation of the New Testament (MIT).
04/12/2017 15:17:54
English Psalm Targum (PST) ( (220K)
Fixes some problems in the PST version.
01/08/2016 17:11:02
English Versions Fix ( (1K)
Please download and apply the latest executable BEFORE applying this update. It will cause certain English versions to be recompiled to fix a problem with searces that have apostrophes (contractions, possessives). Affected versions: NRS NLT TNIV NIVO NLT CEB CSB CSBO GWN NET NIRV NIB AERG BERG NETS NETSX NIRV QBE TNK.
06/04/2015 00:06:44
SNP Polish Bible Version ( (3291K)
This ption adds a new Polish Bible version: Biblia, to jest Pismo Swiete Starego i Nowego Przymierza”, abbreviation SNP, copyrighted © 2016.
06/12/2017 23:29:54
BibleWorks Updater ( (66K)
Fixes the BibleWorks updater so that it works even if the executable has inadvertently been set to readonly. If you are having problems updating the executable this update needs to be applied before the executable is unpadted.
05/07/2015 21:57:40
VIE Vietnamese Version ( (3355K)
Fixes some compilation problems. Requires exe version 5.394 or later.
09/28/2016 23:44:45
VLH Vietnamese Version ( (3981K)
Fixes some compilation and typo problems. Requires exe version 5.394 or later.
03/21/2018 15:34:00
BibleWorks VUC Latin Vulgate ( (5522K)
Moved back to the Latin menu. VUC however is compiled as Italian because it contains some accented characters that are not considered Latin text by Windows.
06/02/2015 13:02:08