Dealer Information

Authorized BibleWorks Dealers

Potential Dealers

As the first step in becoming an authorized BibleWorks Dealer, please send the following by FAX or by postal mail:

  1. One or two pages of summary proof on official letterhead that you represent a valid active reselling business, actively engaging in trade in order to earn a living. Such proof should include a copy of your business license, a permit to collect state sales tax (where applicable), trade references, a brief description of business operations and gross volume, and/or a page from your current catalog or brochure or direct mail piece. Active start-ups, side businesses, "tent-making" ministries (part-time work), and student or school-based promotional activities may also be acceptable.
  2. A signed copy of the BibleWorks Dealer policy (contact us for this).
  3. Please include your email address and fax number. 

Upon receipt of your information, we shall contact you. If your application is accepted, you will have access to the BibleWorks Dealers section of the website. The Dealers section contains resources for use in catalogs, websites, etc.