Database/Bible Typo Reports

If you find what appears to be a typo or error in a database or Bible version, please fill out the form below and press the Submit button when you are ready to send. The form below should only be used for database typo reports. If you need to submit a technical support request, please use this page instead.

Thank you for sending a database error report to BibleWorks. Because of error contributions like yours, we continue to refine our databases to provide users with the most accurate information possible. Your help is greatly appreciated.

Major database errors we try to address right away. Simple typographical errors we will gather together and correct at a later time. But rest assured that we will investigate your error report and make the necessary corrections.

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If possible, please include your program version number (e.g. Version 9.0.018f.1). To obtain your program version number, start BibleWorks and select Help | About BibleWorks from the menu.
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