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Tip 4.8 Finding Translation Examples

The Vocabulary Flashcard Tool is a great way for students to learn and review vocabulary. But the Vocabulary Flashcard Tool is also a great way for professors to find examples for student translation assignments. In this Classroom Tip we will see how to find verses that contain only vocabulary that the students should already know.

Set the Vocabulary Filter Options

Open the Vocabulary Flashcard Tool by selecting on the main BibleWorks menu Tools | Language tools | Vocabulary Flashcard Module.

For our example we want to display the Greek New Testament vocabulary file (gntvoc.vrc). To display the Greek NT vocabulary file, select on the Vocabulary Flashcard Module menu File | Open. In the BibleWorks 8 / init directory select and open the file gntvoc.vrc.

Now we will display only the vocabulary that you want to include in the translation examples. For our purposes, we will set the vocabulary filter option to contain only the words that appear 50 or more times in the New Testament. On the Vocabulary Flashcard Module menu select Tools | Filter.

In the Vocabulary Review Filters window check the box to Filter by Frequency Range. In the "from . . . to" boxes enter 50 in the first box, and a very large number in the second box. (Since there are 19863 words in the GNT version used in the vocabulary file, you can use 19863.) Click the Apply button, then press Cancel to close the window. Now the only words that appear in the Vocabulary Flashcard Module window are words that appear 50 times and more in the Greek New Testament. There are 310 words that appear in this frequency range.

Find the Translation Examples

Once you have filtered the verses to list only the words that you want to appear in the translation examples, you are ready to find the translation examples. Select Tools | Example Finder. In the BibleWorks Example Finder window you have options about how many vocabulary list words have to appear in the example verses. By default at least one vocabulary list word has to appear in the verse, and no more than one non-list word can appear in the verse. Since we want to only include the words that appear 50 times and more in the Greek New Testament, which is the list of words included in the vocabulary list, we will change the "no more than" setting to zero.

Press the Find Now button to find all the verses that only contain the words in our vocabulary list. There are 506 verses that only contain words that appear 50 or more times in the Greek New Testament. These verse references appear in the BibleWorks Example Finder window. You can click on the verse references to display the verses in the main BibleWorks Browse Window. You can also click the Export to Search Window to send the entire list of example verses to the Search Window. Once the verses are listed in the search window you can save the list, export the list, and display the verses in the Browse Window. Now you have over 500 verses that contain only common vocabulary for your students to translate.

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