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Tip 4.6 Search Window Display Options

There are many ways to configure BibleWorks to show information in the way that best suits your needs. In this Classroom Tip we will configure the Search Window in order to better skim the search results.

Synchronizing the Search Version

For this example we will search using the BNM Greek morphology database. But there are times when it is easier to view a lot of search results quickly using an English text, as well as to find the proper verse for an English-only audience. Therefore, while we will search the text using a Greek version, we will convert our search results to the ESV English text.

Begin by searching in the BNM for the word δίκαιος. Now we will convert our Search Window search results from the Greek text to the ESV English text so we can scan the search results more quickly and find the appropriate English text examples. Enter ESV on the Command Line and press Enter to change the search version to the ESV.

The Command Line Versions Button  will now show the ESV / BNM. This means that ESV is the current search version, while the search results in the Search Window are from the BNM. To convert the search results from the Greek text to the ESV English text, click the Command Line Versions Button and select Synchronize Results List. Now the search results are shown in the ESV text.

Displaying the Whole Verse

By default the Search Window displays a small amount of the search results verse, with each search result appearing on only one line in the Search Window. In order to better skim the text to find the verses we want, we will change the Search Window display to show the entire verse.

Right-click your mouse inside the Search Window to open the Search Window context menu. At the bottom of the menu select Listbox Content Options. Now select the option to Show Entire Verse Wrapped. Now the entire verse appears in the Search Window. By selecting these options you can search in the Greek or Hebrew text, but skim your search results in English to find the appropriate verses for your classroom needs. To set the Search Window back to the default display, select Show One Line Verse Text on the context menu.


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