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Tip 3.7 Helpful Tools and Settings

This Classroom Tip lists a variety of tools and settings that you can adjust to make your BibleWorks experience even better.

A Master List of Cross References

A free update to BibleWorks 8 includes the BW Master x-ref list. This master x-ref list appears in the X-Refs Tab, and is called BW Master. This list is a summary of the most frequently-cited Scripture passages in all of the x-ref lists. This list is sorted by frequency. While you might still want to check the other x-ref lists that are available in the X-Refs Tab, the BW Master x-ref list is a great place to check first.

Changing Bible Versions that Appear in Popup Windows

One of the nice features in grammars and other BibleWorks windows is having Scripture popup windows display the Bible text. By default Bible text that displays in the popup windows is the NAS/RSV, the WTT, and the BGT. But what if these are not the versions that you want to read?

There is a way to change the versions that appear in these popup windows. On the main BibleWorks menu select View | Choose Popup Versions. In this window you can change the versions that appear when your cursor hovers over a Scripture reference hyperlink. Notice the bottom setting in this window--you can also set what versions appear when you hold down your shift key and your cursor hovers over a version. In this way you can have more than one set of versions that displays, depending upon whether you are holding down your shift key or not.

Keep the Analysis Window from Changing

When you move your mouse over a Greek or Hebrew word in the Browse Window, the Analysis Window contents update automatically. If you want to freeze the Analysis Window so that you can scroll down the page to read the rest of the lexicon entry in the Analysis Tab, or to see the rest of the Resources Tab entries, hold down your Shift key. Holding down the Shift key freezes the Analysis Window until you release the Shift key. In this way you can view the rest of the lexicon entry without having the screen refresh.

Working with Word Tips

Some people really like the Word Tips that appear in the Browse Window. These Word Tips present useful information, like the lemma, parsing information, and a brief dictionary entry of that word.

But other people would rather not view this information. To turn off the Word Tips, select the Browse Window Options button in the upper corner of the Browse Window. On this menu select Toggle Word Tips. If you decide later to restore the Word Tips, select Toggle Word Tips again.

Perhaps you like the Word Tips, but you wish they would not appear on top of the text in the Browse Window. On the main BibleWorks menu select Tools | Options | Flags | Browse Window Configuration Options, and then check the two boxes to Show word tips and Keep word tips open. Now the Word Tips will stay open. Now you can click on the Word Tip and drag it to another location on the screen, such as at the bottom of the Search Window.

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