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Tip 3.4: Semantic Domains Searches from the Command Line

Searching the Greek text by semantic domains can help you find verses with words related in meaning. In BibleWorks 8, searching by semantic domains is even easier to use, now that you can search according to semantic domain from the Command Line. This Classroom Tip describes this new search feature.

Previous versions of BibleWorks enabled you to perform Greek semantic domain searches using the Graphical Search Engine. You could also gather word lists from semantic domains using the Word List Manager. These functions are still present in BibleWorks 8. But now there is the ability to search on semantic domains from the Command Line.

Selecting the Domains to Search

Begin your semantic domain search by setting your search version to a morphologically-tagged Greek version, such as the BNM. Now placing your cursor on the Command Line. Click the right button on your mouse to open the context menu. Select Insert Louw-Nida Domain Code. In the Louw-Nida Domains window, you can select the domain or sub domain that you wish to search. When you select a domain or sub domain, the words contained in that domain or sub domain appear in the window at the right.

If you do not know the domain you want to search, but have a word in mind for which you want to search, you can identify the domains in which it belongs. Enter the Greek lemma in the "Show domains with this word" box at the bottom of the window. After you type a word in this box, press Enter to search for that lemma in the domains list. Domains that contain that lemma appear in the window. Select a domain to view the words in that domain.

After you select a domain, press Insert to add the domain search to the Command Line. Press Close to close the Louw-Nida Domains window. A search over words in the domain Love, Affection, Compassion (25.33-25.58) appears on the Command Line as:


You can press Enter to search on all the words in this domain.

Limiting a Domain Search by Part of Speech

One new feature in the Command Line Semantic Domains search feature is the ability to add morphological codes to semantic domain searches. Adding the morphological tags to the semantic domain search string is done the same way as adding morphological tags to a Greek lemma on the Command Line.

To search for only the verbs contained in the <25.33-58> domain, add the @ sign, followed by a "v*". The completed search word looks like this:


The semantic domain search terms are treated the same way as a Greek word on the Command Line. You can use the domain search terms in conjunction with another Greek word. You can also use the domain search terms in phrase searches. It is even possible to add multiple domain search terms in one search, just like searching for multiple words in one search.

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