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Tip 2.8: Using Checkboxes to Set a Search Limit

In a previous Classroom Tip we discussed a variety of search limits strategies. In this Classroom Tip we introduce two new features, the Search Window Checkboxes feature and the Command Line Checkbox Search Filter feature. By using these new features you can refine your current searches and create new searches on the Command Line that were not possible previously.

Using Search Window Checkboxes to Set a Search Limit

You can conduct searches over a Search Window verse list using the Command Line. The checkboxes enable you to choose exactly what verses you wish to search. This capability also enables you to conduct searches over different language versions. This example shows you how to search for pisto.j in the BNM, then switch to the NAS and search for "faithful" over the same verses that contain pisto.j in the BNM.

Search for the word pisto.j in the BNM, with the BNT displaying in the Browse Window. Now change the Command Line search version to NAS. Immediately below the Command Line is the Command Line Versions Button . This button shows NAS/BNM. Press the Command Line Version Button, and then select Synchronize Results List. Now the verses in the Search Window display in the NAS.

Now we will conduct a search for the word "faithful" in the NAS, but only over the exact same verses that contain pisto.j in the BNM. Place your cursor over the Command Line, then right-click your mouse button to open the context menu. Select Checkbox Search Filter, then select Limit search to checked verses.

Note that the option Limit search to entire results list would work in this situation, as well. But you can also manually uncheck verses in the Search Window that you do not want to search, so it is important that you know how to limit a search to only the checked verses.

Now search for the word "faithful" in the NAS using the Command Line. There are 45 occurrences of the word "faithful" in the NAS from the list of 63 verses containing pisto.j (appearing 67 times in the 63 verses). Notice, for example, that Acts 16:1 is missing from the list, because pisto.j is translated as "believer".

(If you want to find every verse in the list where the word "faithful" does not appear, search for ".!faithful" instead. Using the NOT character '!' before the word "faithful" only returns search results that do not contain the word following the '!'.)

When you are finished searching using the checkbox filter, select Do not limit search using the check boxes on the Command Line context menu. This returns the Command Line to its normal searching function.

By using a combination of checkboxes and the Command Line checkbox search filter, you can perform a variety of unique searches that previous would be difficult or impossible to do on the Command Line. Now you can search the same verses using different language versions. You can also conduct a search in a version, and then conduct further searches over those search results in order to refine your search results.

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