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Tip 2.6: Tools for a Canonical Perspective

BibleWorks contains a variety of tools for viewing and interpreting a Bible passage. In this Classroom Tip we will give an overview of some BibleWorks tools--some old and some new--for viewing the passage and gaining information for better interpretation from a canonical perspective.

This Classroom Tip introduces a variety of BibleWorks canonical perspective tools within a framework of the type of information they provide, briefly describing their benefits to the interpretive process.

A canonical perspective is important for seeing similarities and dissimilarities with other passages in the text. This perspective is useful for placing the passage within the Biblical theology of the themes contained within the passage. Gaining a canonical perspective is useful for developing theological points and appropriate applications in sermons.

X-Refs Tab

The X-Refs Tab lists cross-references from a variety of cross-reference databases. You can also create your own cross-reference database. Cross-references give a canonical perspective to a passage, provide illustrations, and may (if used carefully) give some insight into a passage's meaning.

Word Searches

Word searches can do more than provide information for doing word studies. Word searches can also yield useful illustrations from other Scripture passages that contain the same word that appears in your study passage.

Related Verses Tool (RVT)

The Related Verses Tool is a specialized word search tool. It is a tool that automatically searches for all the words that appear in your study verse. By default the Related Verses Tool searches only for the significant words when searching a Greek or Hebrew morphology text. You can add words to be searched, and add extra search weight to words that are especially significant. The result of this search is finding verses that are likely to be similar in meaning to the study verse, since there are a number of words in common between the study verse and the search results.

Phrase Matching Tool (PMT)

The Phrase Matching Tool is also a specialized search tool. Rather than searching on individual words, the Phrase Matching Tool identifies every phrase in the study verse, and then searches on each of those phrases. The results of a Phrase Matching Tool search are verses that are likely to be similar in meaning to the study verse, since every search result will contain phrases that are also contained in the study verse. The Phrase Matching Tool will also identify the phrases in your study verse that appear most commonly in your search version.

Synopsis Window

The Synopsis Window enables you to view and compare parallel passages. The Synopsis Window files that come with BibleWorks contain parallels in the Gospels, parallels in  the Old Testament, and the Old Testament passages used in the New. You can also create your own synopsis files to use in the Synopsis Window.

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