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Tip 2.3: Analysis Window Frequency Filter

The Analysis Window displays parsing information and lexicon entries for Greek and Hebrew words. But there are times where it would be useful to hide information for frequently-occurring words in order to encourage vocabulary learning. The new Analysis Window Frequency Filter enables you to turn off display of information for frequently-occurring words.

Uses for the Frequency Filter

The Analysis Window Frequency Filter was designed at the request of professors teaching Greek and Hebrew. By enabling the Frequency Filter and setting the display cutoff point, professors can use the Analysis Window to display lexicon information for infrequently-occurring words, while hiding lexicon information for frequently-occurring words. Professors can instruct students who are using BibleWorks to turn on the Frequency Filter while studying Greek or Hebrew.

A BibleWorks user may decide to enable the Frequency Filter in order to gain proficiency in Greek or Hebrew vocabulary during regular study in the Greek and Hebrew texts.

Enabling the Frequency Filter

Enabling the Frequency Filter is easy. Right-click inside the Analysis Window to display the context menu, and then select Enable Frequency Filter for Greek and Hebrew. If you wish to turn off the Frequency Filter, select this context menu option to uncheck it.

Setting the Cutoff Setting for the Frequency Filter

The Frequency Filter cutoff settings are set by selecting Tools | Options from the BibleWorks main menu, then selecting General | Option Strings. At the bottom left of the window are the Analysis Window Frequency Cutoff settings.

Enter the desired cutoff numbers in the Greek and Hebrew boxes. The default number, 1000000, means that every word will display in the Analysis Window. If you want to display only the words that appear 50 or fewer times, enter 51 in the number box, then enable the Frequency Filter. The vocabulary frequencies come from the Vocabulary Flashcard glosses files. The versions used for these files are GNM and WTM lemmas. If you use a version other than the GNM/GNT (and probably the BNM/BNT) and the WTM/WTT, the frequency numbers may not be correct for your version.

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