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Tip 2.2: Greek and Hebrew Devotional

A new tool in BibleWorks 8 is the Daily Light devotional. This new tool can not only provide daily inspiration from the Bible, but can also be used to refresh and enhance knowledge of Greek and Hebrew.

You can open the Daily Light module from the BibleWorks main menu by selecting Resources | Miscellaneous | Daily Light.

Daily Light as a Devotional

The Daily Light was originally designed as a morning and evening devotional. It is unique in that the full content of the devotional is Scripture. It does not contain any comments on the text.

The BibleWorks edition of the Daily Light includes the option to load Daily Light when BibleWorks is started. You can access this option from the Daily Light menu, under Options. In this way you are reminded to read the Scriptures every day. You can choose to display the Daily Light in any BibleWorks version you wish by selecting Version on the Daily Light menu. To view the Daily Light in Greek or Hebrew, select Greek/Hebrew on the Daily Light menu.

Daily Light as a Greek- and Hebrew-Learning Tool

The Daily Light can also be used as tool to enhance your skills in Greek and Hebrew. Selecting Greek/Hebrew on the Daily Light menu toggles the Bible text display between your default Bible version and Greek/Hebrew.

You can use this feature for your own daily growth in using Greek and Hebrew. Professors teaching Greek or Hebrew can use this tool to select one or more verses for classroom translation practice.

If you wish to use the BibleWorks lexicons to evaluate unfamiliar words in the Daily Light verses, you can export the list of Daily Light verses to the Search Window, and then view the verses in the Browse Window. Select Export on the Daily Light menu to export the verses to the Search Window.

Daily Light as a Sermon-Starter

The Daily Light list of verses and their arrangement can be used as the foundation for a thematic sermon. The title of the day's devotional provides the theme, and the choice of verses and organization of the verses provides the development of the theme.

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