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Tip 1.7 Highlight Words Used 50 or More Times

You can use the search and text marking tools in BibleWorks to produce graded reading assignments or translation exercises.  This tip will allow you to easily display the words of a higher frequency range in contrast to lower frequency words in the Greek New Testament.

In this Classroom Tip you will use the Word List Manager to produce a list of all the words from the Greek New Testament that appear 50 times or more. You will then use this list to conduct a search of the Greek New Testament for each of these words in the Graphical Search Engine.  You can then use the Color Selection Window to highlight each high frequency word in bold in the BNT version by using the results of your previous search.

Produce an Inclusion Exclusion List (IEL) Using the Word List Manager

Generate a List of the Vocabulary of the Greek New Testament

  • Open the Word List Manager by typing the F8 key or by navigating to Tools | Word List Manager.
  • Within the Word List Manager click on the button “Load or Generate Word List”
  • Under "Version" choose "BNM BibleWorks NT Morphology".
  • Under "Source" choose “Load words from a Bible version”.
  • Set "Verse Range" to Mat 1:1 - Rev 22:21
  • Under "Other options" uncheck “Keep morph codes”.
  • Click "Create list".
  • A list of each word in the Greek New Testament will be generated and appear in the Main Word List of the Word List Manager.

Select the Words Appearing 50 Times or More

  • Move the vertical scroll bar to the right of the Main Word List down until you find the division between the words that occur 50 and 49 times. 
  • Click on the first word that occurs 49 times to highlight it and while holding down the Shift key use the vertical scroll bar to scroll down to the last word in the list and click on it to highlight each word that occurs between 1 and 49 times.
  • Choose Edit | Delete selected.
  • Choose File | Save (as IEL file for later use, or for GSE) and save your file by the name "BNM_50x_and_more.iel”. 

Find and Highlight Words Appearing 50 Times or More

Conduct a Search for Every Word that Appears 50 Times or More
  • In the BibleWorks main screen set the Search Version to BNM.
  • Open the Graphical Search Engine by typing F9 or choosing Search | Graphical Search Engine.
  • Within the Graphical Search Engine double click on the Word box as seen below to display the Word Box Options window.
  • Within the Word Box Options window click the radio button next to the heading “Inclusion/Exclusion List (IEL)" to make this section active.
  • Click Load IEL and navigate to the location in which you saved the IEL file “BNM_50x_and_more.iel" to load this word list into the Graphical Search Engine.
  • In the Word Box Options click the OK button.
  • On the menu of the Graphical Search Engine click "go" to execute a search for every word appearing 50 times or more in the Greek New Testament.
  • In the main screen of BibleWorks you will find that the Search Window Results Verse List displays the results of your search.
Highlight Each Word Appearing 50 Times or More in the BNT in Bold
  • Open the Color Selection Window by choosing Tools | Color Selection Window.  The following illustration indicates the settings as described below.
  • Make sure to check Enable color.
  • Under "1. Source for color data",  choose “Last search results”.  Note that the hit highlighting that resulted from your Graphical Search Engine search will be removed from the program's memory.  This will allow you to see the color and attributes that will be applied to the words highlighted in your last search results.
  • Under "2. Color and attributes", set the Background color to white by clicking on the button to the left of Background.  Within the window titled Color, choose a white background from the choices under "Basic Colors".
  • Check the box next to Bold as well.
  • Under "3. Color file to save color data", choose BNM as the version to color in the drop down list box.
  • Under "4. Brother file to save color data" make sure to check “Save brother color data”.  This action will apply the Bold attribute to each word of frequency 50 times or higher in the BNM and its companion version the BNT
  • Click "Apply", then "Close".

Use Highlighted Words in Class Exercises

View Your Results
  • In the BibleWorks main screen set the Search Version to BNT.
  • Click on the Toggle Browse Mode button to display the BNT in Single Version Browse Mode.
  • Navigate to 1 John 1:1 and the words occurring 50 times or more will be emphasized in Bold as follows:
  • The BNT text with bold highlighting can now be displayed for in-class translation exercises and be exported to the BibleWorks Editor or to a word processor to develop worksheets and assignments.

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