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Tip 1.5: Using Tabs Effectively

The BibleWorks Search Window contains 12 tabbed Search Windows. The tabs provide a way to switch rapidly between study contexts without losing the previous context. The tabs can also function as an instruction tool for proper word study method. 

In this Classroom Tip we will provide strategies for setting up and using the tabs in the classroom and in your study. We will also show how to save your tabs configurations for future use and distribution to other BibleWorks users. Included are links to saved context files that you can download and use in your classroom.

Introduction to Search Window Tabs

The Search Window tabs display at the top of the Search Window. There are 12 tabs. When you use a tab, an asterisk (*) appears next to the tab number. After you perform a search in a tab window, you can place your cursor on the tab number and the pop-up box will display the search word or phrase.

There are many Search Window features that you change independently in each tab. Some of the features you can change independently include:

  • The display versions
  • The current search version
  • The Browse Mode (single or multiple versions)
  • The current verse
  • Accent, vowel point and apostrophe options
  • Search limits options
  • Cross version search option

Tab information is saved in the BibleWorks context files. To save your tab settings, place your cursor on a tab, then right-click and select Save Tabs to Disk. To load a saved tab file, place your cursor on a tab, then right-click and select Load Tabs from Disk, and select the context file you wish to open. (A BibleWorks context file has the extension .swc.)

If after reading this Classroom Tip you have further questions about the tabs, place your cursor on the tabs and press the F1 key to open the Online Help to the section discussing the Search Window tabs.

Using Tabs in the Classroom and Study

The information saved in the tabs make the tabs a useful tool in the classroom. Below are examples of ways you can configure the tabs for classroom and personal study.

Included are links to context files you can download and use in BibleWorks 7. Download the context files to the BibleWorks 7/init/ folder. (Usually this folder is located at C:\Program Files\BibleWorks 7\init.) By default BibleWorks looks in this folder for the context files.

Using Tabs for Word Studies

Because each tab can contain different search and display versions and different search limits, you can set up the tabs according to standard word study procedures.

Greek Word Study

For example, perhaps you are studying the book of Ephesians in your Greek Exegesis class. Set the search limits in your tabs in the following way, using the BGM as the search version and BGT as the display version for most tabs. (You may want to tweak the tab setup according to the word study instructions you provide to your class and the versions you desire to use.)

  • Tab 1 (limits search to Ephesians)
    Search limits: l eph
  • Tab 2 (limits search to Colossians for comparison)
    Search limits: l col
  • Tab 3 (limits search to Pauline letters)
    Search limits: l paul
  • Tab 4 (limits search to Matthew - Mark)
    Search limits: l mat-mar
  • Tab 5 (limits search to Luke & Acts)
    Search limits: l luk;act
  • Tab 6 (limits search to Gospel of John; 1, 2, 3 John; Revelation)
    Search limits: l joh
  • Tab 7 (limits search to entire NT)
    Search limits: l nt
  • Tab 8 (limits search to OT & Apocrypha)
    Search limits: l OT+Apoc
  • Tab 9 (limits search to Josephus)
    Search version: JOM
    Display versions: JOS, JOE
    Search limits: none
  • Tab10 (limits search to Philo)
    Search version: PHM
    Display versions: PHI, PHE
    Search limits: none
  • Tab 11 (limits search to Apostolic Fathers)
    Search version: APM
    Display versions: APF, APE
    Search limits: none

Start the word search process in tab 1, then continue to search on the word throughout the rest of the tabs to gain a picture of the word's usage throughout the various corpuses represented.

>>Download the BW7 Greek word study context file here.

Hebrew Word Study

There are not as many texts to search for a word Hebrew study, but you can set up the tabs for Hebrew word study, as well. Many of these search limits are shortcuts defined in the BibleWorks Search Limits window. The search version is set to WTM (where applicable), and the display versions as WTT. The example search presupposes that you are studying in Genesis.

  • Tab 1 (limits search to Genesis)
    Search limits: l gen
  • Tab 2 (limits search to Pentateuch)
    Search limits: l Pent
  • Tab 3 (limits search to the Major Prophets)
    Search limits: l MjrP
  • Tab 4 (limits search to the Minor Prophets)
    Search limits: l MinP
  • Tab 5 (limits search to Writings)
    Search limits: l Writ
  • Tab 6 (limits search to Poetry books)
    Search limits: l Poet
  • Tab 7 (limits search to Historical books)
    Search limits: l Hist
  • Tab 8 (limits search to the OT)
    Search limits: l OT
  • Tab 9 (Sets display to the Targums of Onkelos and Jonathan)
    Search version: TAM
    Display versions: TAR
    Search limits: none
  • Tab 10 (limits search to the Hebrew NT)
    Search version: HNT
    Display versions: HNT
    Search limits: none
  • Tab 11 (left blank, for use with the Dead Sea Scrolls)

>>Download the BW7 Hebrew word study context file here.

Using Tabs for Viewing Passages

You could also set up the tabs according to book collections. Each of these tabs also includes (where applicable) two English translations, the NRS and the NAS. For example:

  • Tab 1 (Hebrew Bible; Hebrew text emphasis)
    Search version: WTM
    Display versions: WTT, LXT, TAR
  • Tab 2 (Hebrew Bible + Apocrypha; Greek text emphasis)
    Search version: BLM
    Display versions: LXT, LXE
  • Tab 3 (New Testament)
    Search version: BNM
    Display versions: BNT, BYZ
  • Tab 4 (Josephus)
    Search version: JOM
    Display version: JOS, JOE
  • Tab 5 (Philo)
    Search version: PHM
    Display versions: PHI, PHE
  • Tab 6 (Apostolic Fathers)
    Search version: APM
    Display version: APF, APE

>>Download the BW7 book collection context file here.

Using Tabs for Reading Bible Text

You can also use the tabs as 12 workspaces which you can configure for different searching and viewing tasks. For example, perhaps you have different passages of Scripture which you plan to discuss in your class. Each tab can contain a different passage. Each tab below includes the NET Bible as the search and display version.

  • Tab 1 (Genesis 1:1)
  • Tab 2 (Psalm 134:3)
  • Tab 3 (John 1:1)
  • Tab 4 (Colossians 3:16)
  • Tab 5 (Revelation 4:11)

>>Download the BW7 passages context file here.

You can also save multiple sets of context files to open during your class. This enables you to have an unlimited number of tabs available for your use.

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