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Tip 1.3: Displaying Larger Fonts for On-Screen Display

Unless you teach in a very small classroom, you will probably need to increase the font size in BibleWorks for on-screen presentation. Here are the instructions for changing the font size in the main BibleWorks windows.

  • On the main BibleWorks menu select Tools, and then choose Options. Select the Fonts tab.
  • You will need to change the fonts for the Search Window, the Browse Window, and the Analysis Window. Select the radio button for the Search Window Fonts, and then change the font sizes for the Search Window in the Font Set box. An increase of two points is a good start.
  • Next select the radio button for the Browse Window Fonts. Increase the size of the necessary fonts for the Browse Window. The column to far right of each font controls the font size for the Analysis Window. When you are finished changing the font sizes, click the OK button, and then restart BibleWorks for the font changes to take effect.
  • To change the font size for Arabic, Chinese, or Korean Bibles, click the More button. These Bibles are available as free downloads by using the BibleWorks updater. Select Help | BibleWorks on the Internet | Check for Updates, then download the versions and updates you desire.

This tip is one of many to be found in the BibleWorks Study Guides. This tip is found in the Study Guide Using BibleWorks in the Classroom, under "Displaying the Text on Screen." To open the Study Guides, select Help | Study Guides from the main BibleWorks menu. Included in the Study Guides are videos to help you with more complicated instructions.

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