59 Bagster's Daily Light


Daily Light by Samuel Bagster is a daily devotional textbook. The devotional content is comprised of the text of the Bible without additional comments. Included are morning and evening devotions. The BibleWorks edition of this text displays the entire text of each verse included in the devotional. You can choose to display the verse text in any Bible version, including Greek and Hebrew. If the devotional is displayed using the KJV, the option is included to view the verses as verse portions as in the printed Daily Light text. The Daily Light module may be opened by selecting Resources | Miscellaneous | Daily Light from the BibleWorks main menu.


The Daily Light Menu

The Daily Light Window

Uses for the Daily Light


The Daily Light Menu


The Daily Light menu contains options for viewing devotionals from any day of the year, choosing the display version, switching between morning and evening devotionals, exporting the verses of the day's devotional, and changing the size of the text.


Selecting the Calendar menu item opens a calendar control. You can use the calendar control to change months and days in order to select the devotional for any day of the year.


By default the calendar displays the month and year in the heading. Click on the left or right arrow buttons to switch from one month to the next. Click on the heading text to display the year in the heading, and the months of the year appear in the calendar. Click on the year to display the decade in the heading, and the years in the decade in the calendar. Click on the decade in the heading to display the century in the heading, and the calendar displays the decades in the century. At each level of the heading you can use the left and right arrows to move from one month/year/decade/century to the next. Selecting an item in the calendar moves back one level in the calendar, until it finally returns to the default display of Month, Year.


Click on the day of the month to display the devotional for that day. Today's date appears at the bottom of the calendar control. Click on Today: to go the present day's devotional.


Selecting the Version menu item opens a dropdown list of available Bible versions. Select the version you wish to display.


Selecting Greek/Hebrew displays the Old Testament verses in Hebrew text and the New Testament verses in Greek text. Selecting Greek/Hebrew a second time toggles back to the previously-chosen Bible version. The Hebrew text displayed is the WTT, and the Greek text displayed is the BGT. The Hebrew text uses the Unicode font specified in the main program font setup window for Hebrew. Because the Daily Light devotional contains both Old Testament and New Testament passages, displaying Greek/Hebrew requires selecting a display version that contains both testaments. A window will appear if you select a version that does not contain both testaments.


Selecting Morning/Evening switches between the morning and evening devotionals for that day.


Selecting Export exports to the Search Window the list of verses contained in the displayed devotional.


Selecting Zoom gives you the option of changing the font size from 10% to 400% of the original size.


There are two selections under the Options menu item. The first option enables you to load the Daily Light whenever you start BibleWorks. The second option enables you to display the Daily Light Bible text as it was originally included in the Bagster print edition, rather than view full verses. This option only works if KJV is your display version.

The Daily Light Window


The Daily Light window contains four parts.


The first line of text contains the month and day of the current devotion, plus the current year. Following the date is the day of the week plus Morning or Evening depending upon which devotional is being displayed. If the devotional is a Morning devotional, the window background is yellow. If the devotional is an evening devotional, the window background is blue. The window displays the Evening devotional after 12:00 noon.


The second line of text displays the main topic sentence for the daily devotional. The following lines contain the text of the devotional.


Included at the end of each verse or collection of verses is a footnote number. At the bottom of the text are the footnotes identifying the Scripture passages displayed above.


Clicking the right-hand mouse button within the Daily Light window opens a context menu. On the context menu are two options. The first option copies any text selected in the Daily Light window to the clipboard. The second option enables you to load the Daily Light whenever you start BibleWorks.

Uses for the Daily Light


The Daily Light has a couple of uses within BibleWorks. One use is as a daily devotional. This is the original purpose of the Daily Light.


A second use of the Daily Light is as a daily language learning tool.


By working through the devotional in Hebrew and Greek each day, this will enable you to grow in your abilities in the original languages of the Bible and to retain your proficiency in using these languages. Set the language of the text to Greek/Hebrew, and check the option to start the Daily Light at program start. In this way you will be reminded to work on your Hebrew and Greek each day.


If working through all of the verses is too much, start with only working through the first Greek and first Hebrew verse in the devotional. As you progress in your language abilities you will be able to add more verses to your daily language study.


You may find it easier to export the list of verses from that day's devotional to the Search Window, then work through the Greek and Hebrew text using the lexicons, grammars, and other translations to help you learn vocabulary and more difficult Greek and Hebrew grammatical constructions.