32 Analysis Window: The Use Tab


The Use Tab provides a quick and convenient means to look at the way a particular word is used in the current book or version. As you pass the mouse over a word in the Browse Window the Use Tab will display all of the occurrences of the word in the current book. This allows you to see quickly if there are other verses in the immediate context that you might want to examine. 


The Book/Version radio button allows you to determine whether the occurrence list covers the current book or the entire version.


If you click on a verse in the occurrence list, the verse will be displayed in the Browse Window.


The Use Tab is currently not supported for double byte languages like Chinese. The list of verses generated for this display ignores any verse limits which have been set.


Note that the process which builds the word lists is not accent or vowel point sensitive. However, there is an option (see below) for requiring that the part of speech and homonym tags match for Hebrew texts.


If you click on the Options button you will be presented with a list of options that permit you to configure how the verse list is constructed. This menu is also available by right clicking on the verse list. The options are as follows:

The list of verses produced will depend on the settings of the 2nd and 3rd options above and also on the type of word under your mouse cursor: