23 Analysis Window: The Version Info Tab


The Version Info Tab displays information about the Bible version which has the focus in the Browse Window. The copyright information displayed in the Version Info Tab is contained in the .BWW file for the version. For example, the version information for the WTT version is contained in the file wtt.bww. The BWW files are contained in the database directory. The BWW files are RTF files that have the filename extension changed to BWW. These files can be edited using the BibleWorks editor.


Included in the Version Info Tab are version statistics, such as the number of books, chapters, verses, words, and unique words in the version. The statistics section also shows the number of the currently-displayed verse in the Browse Window.


Below the statistics section is a listing of all the books contained with the version. The book names are all represented using the BibleWorks 3-letter book name abbreviation.