8 BibleWorks How-to Videos



The BibleWorks How-to Videos provide video examples for using BibleWorks to accomplish common Bible study tasks. The videos help beginning users learn BibleWorks a little at a time while completing daily tasks. Experienced users will learn shortcuts and new ways to use the powerful tools in BibleWorks to accomplish advanced Bible study tasks.


The BibleWorks How-to Videos build upon the content described in the "Getting Started" videos. If you have not watched these videos, you can watch them from the "Getting Started" home page.

Note: If the menu options on the Getting Started page do not work, you may need to reinitialize the BibleWorks COM Server. To do this:


1. Exit BibleWorks

2. Start BibleWorks while holding the SHIFT Key down.

3. In the Window that is displayed select "Reset Automation Server"

4. Click "Perform these actions and exit" to make the changes. Restart BibleWorks as normal.


How to Use the How-to Videos


§         Watch the main video that applies to your task. Don't overwhelm yourself by watching all of them at one time. Once you understand how to use BibleWorks to accomplish one task, go on to another video.

§         Use the How-to Videos as a reference. When you are working on a task and cannot remember how to accomplish your task in BibleWorks, open a relevant video for help.

§         Use the videos as training materials. Professors can use the videos to teach students proper Bible study methods using BibleWorks. Librarians can use the Study Guides to provide BibleWorks training for new users.


How-To Videos


Introduction to the BibleWorks Interface


Layout and Navigation of the BibleWorks Interface


BibleWorks Search Tools


How to Use Study Tools in BibleWorks


How to Find Help in BibleWorks