6 What's New in BibleWorks 9



This release of BibleWorks contains a number of new databases and program features designed to make the program more useful and easier to use.  There is something for everyone, from novice to advanced user.  The content and feature list for BibleWorks is always changing, so we recommend that you visit us at http://www.bibleworks.com for the latest information. The following information contains a summary of what was new in BibleWorks 9 at the time of its initial release. Please note that this list will tell you only what is new as compared to the previous release. Please see our website for a full list of changes since BibleWorks 6. Since we are always adding new materials and features, the list below is probably not up to date. It is intended primarily to give people who are upgrading from BibleWorks 8 an idea of what has changed.


New Base Package Features and Databases

New Optional Modules


New Features


The following Bible Versions and reference databases have been added to the base package in version 9. No unlocks are needed, and there is no additional cost for these items.

  1. Fourth Column - You'll notice immediately the addition of another column to the main window. With two columns devoted to Analysis content you can customize it to view your favorite two resources simultaneously.
  2. Verse Tab - We've added a major new feature to the main window. The Verse Tab tracks a variety of databases with any Bible version. For the current verse under the mouse, it displays the relevant sections in resources such as the CNTTS apparatus, the NET Bible textual notes, the Tischendorf apparatus, Metzger's Textual Commentary (requires unlock), and the ESV Study Bible (requires unlock).
  3. Instant difference highlighting - If you like to consult multiple Bible translations as you study the text, this new feature automatically highlights the differences between all Bible versions in the main window. A simple key press toggles it on and off.
  4. Use Tab - Capitalizing on BibleWorks' lightning speed, the new Use Tab takes the word under your mouse cursor and instantly shows all occurrences of the word in either the current book or entire version, all without clicking. You can even synchronize the Stats tab to show occurrence graphs as you move the mouse!
  5.  X-ref and outline improvements - Many more versions now have cross reference databases and pericope lists (outlines). One new list contains cross references to verses with related Greek words (includes Apocrypha).
  6. New Toolbar in Main Window - higher resolution and easier on the eyes. You can choose between two button sizes and revert to the BibleWorks 8 tool bar if you prefer.
  7. Tagging Tools - As a part of the BibleWorks Manuscript Project, the program includes a set of tools to make it easier to tag Greek New Testament texts morphologically.
  8. Transcription Tools - Also as a part of the BibleWorks Manuscript Project, the program includes a set of tools to assist with the task of transcribing Greek New Testament manuscripts. These are the same tools used by our transcribers to produce the seven new transcriptions in BibleWorks 9.
  9. Migration Tools - The program now includes migration tools to help you transfer settings and databases from previous versions of BibleWorks.

New and Updated Base Package Databases

  1. BibleWorks Manuscript Project - Compare and analyze key manuscript text and images. New transcriptions and complete image sets of Sinaiticus, Vaticanus, Alexandrinus, Bezae, Washingtonianus, Boernerianus, and GA1141. Manuscripts are fully searchable using the full array of BibleWorks analysis tools. Morphological tagging is not complete for all manuscripts but updates will be provided free of charge to BibleWorks 9 users as they become available. Tools are provided to collate the various manuscripts against each other and against any other Greek New Testament version in BibleWorks. High resolution images are provided for all manuscripts and they are linked to a location database which automatically displays the image of each verse as you move your mouse in the Browse Window.
  2. The Moody Atlas of the Bible (Barry J. Beitzel) - BibleWorks comes with the full Moody Atlas. Its 118 masterful maps in high-resolution and dozens of photos can be easily inspected and copied to your presentations. No unlock required!
  3. CNTTS NT Critical Apparatus - For the first time, the New Testament Critical Apparatus from the Center for New Testament Textual Studies is available for PCs. This exhaustive apparatus covers the entire New Testament. The BibleWorks version has been enhanced to show a matrix of Aland categories and time period for the MSS for each reading. Users will especially appreciate having the apparatus track and update as the mouse is moved over the Greek text in the BibleWorks main window. In addition, the start of each verse entry summarizes the significant, insignificant, and singular variants. When examining a variant, the text of the verse is shown with the variant text highlighted. No unlock required!

New Bible Versions

  1. Robinson-Pierpont Byzantine text with Robinson 2010 morphology.
  2. Robinson-Pierpont Byzantine text with Friberg 2010 morphology.
  3. Westcott-Hort (new proofing) with diacritics, variant readings, and 2010 Robinson morphology.
  4. Scriveners (new proofing) with diacritics, variant readings, and 2010 Robinson morphology
  5. Trinitarian Bible Society Greek New Testament (Scrivener's text with minor variations) with Robinson Morphology (2010),
  6. New International Version (2011) (The 1985 NIV and TNIV have been discontinued by Zondervan)
  7. NET Bible update
  8. Westminster Hebrew Morphology 4.14
  9. Tov-Polak 2010 update
  10. Common English Bible, 2011
  11. Holman Christian Standard Bible 2nd edition
  12. NLT 2nd edition
  13. Neue Lutherbibel, 2009 (German)
  14. Das Neue Testament in deutscher Fassung (Jantzen), 2009 (German)
  15. Polish New Covenant (Nowe Przymierze) Version New Testament
  16. Swedish 1873 edition of the Carl XII Bible
  17. Swedish Folk Bible, updated
  18. Ceský studijní preklad (CSP), 2009 (Czech)
  19. Danish Bibelen, 1871/1819
  20. Finnish Biblia (1776) with Apocrypha
  21. Thai Standard Version, 2010
  22. Loeb Classical Edition versification for Josephus

New Add-on Databases (Unlocks required)

  1. ESV Study Bible - A must-have resource for all users! Although BibleWorks already comes with the ESV, the massive volume of extra notes and resources in the Study Bible edition make it a must-have item! For only $20 all text, articles, images, and maps from the ESV Study Bible are included, along with an index of maps and illustrations. We took particular care to present high-resolution versions of all images and maps. The notes track and display in the main window next to any Bible version of your choice. Unlock required.
  2. Bavinck's Reformed Dogmatics (4 volumes) - The full set of Herman Bavinck's Reformed masterwork is a must-have for reference and theological libraries. All four volumes with indices are included. The work is tightly cross-linked so that the user can easily jump in both directions between the BibleWorks main window and Bavinck's text. Unlock required.
  3. Systematic Theology: An Introduction to Biblical Doctrine (Wayne Grudem) - The Christian church has a long tradition of systematic theology, that is, studying theology and doctrine organized around fairly standard categories such as the Word of God, redemption, and Jesus Christ. This introduction to systematic theology has several distinctive features: A strong emphasis on the scriptural basis for each doctrine and teaching. Clear writing, with technical terms kept to a minimum. A contemporary approach, treating subjects of special interest to the church today. A friendly tone, appealing to the emotions and the spirit as well as the intellect. Frequent application to life. Resources for worship with each chapter. Bibliographies with each chapter that cross-reference subjects to a wide range of other systematic theologies. Unlock required.

You will discover more new features as you explore BibleWorks 9.  As always, we are eager to hear from users regarding the need for new features and capabilities.  All the features we have added in this version are there because users have requested them.  So do not be shy.  Let us know what you think about the new features and let us know what else you need to help you "rightly divide the Word of truth."


If you are a registered user and are upgrading from BibleWorks 7 or 8 to BibleWorks 9, you will be sent free of charge a set of activation codes for several versions and databases that have been discontinued in BibleWorks 9, but which you still have a right to use because of your previous version.


Optional Modules


We have struggled as a company to decide how best to respond to the module-frenzy that seems to have possessed the Bible-software marketplace. BibleWorks has purposely tried to stay out of the fray because we do not think it is in the best interests of our users to encourage them to purchase a multitude of external modules. In the absence of real publishing standards, we feel such purchases to be risky at best. We don't know of anyone planning on leaving a large electronic library to his/her children. We urge caution to all of our users and recommend that most of their library funds be spent on traditional print books. We do, however, realize there are some tools that exegetes use on a daily basis and which could therefore benefit from being available in electronic form. We will continue to offer our users as many such tools as feasible and we will try to do it in a way that maximizes value to our users and minimizes long-term risk.


Included in the following list are all the BibleWorks 9 optional modules available at the time of the initial release of BibleWorks 9. For the most up-to-date list of available optional modules, see the list at http://www.bibleworks.com. New items are in green.

The following are now included in BibleWorks 8 & 9, but may be purchased and unlocked for BibleWorks 7: