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We at BibleWorks are all students of the Bible ourselves and we understand the importance, and the difficulty, of interpreting Scripture accurately. The production of this program has been a labor of love on our part - love for the Lord and love for the eternal truths revealed in the Bible. No human production can be without error, but we have striven very hard to provide you with tools that are worthy of the task to which they are dedicated.


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The grass withereth, the flower fadeth:
but the word of our God shall stand for ever.

KJV Isa 40:8


evxhra,nqh o` co,rtoj kai. to. a;nqoj evxe,pesen)
to. de. r`h/ma tou/ qeou/ h`mw/n me,nei eivj to.n aivw/na


LXX Isa 40:7,8

#yci lben" rycix' vbey"

~l'A[l. ~Wqy" Wnyhel{a/-rb;d>W


WTT Isaiah 40:8


The picture that you see often in BibleWorks of Paul and Timothy examining a manuscript is from an engraving by William James Linton. This picture represents in many ways what we are trying to do with BibleWorks, namely, to provide students of the Bible with the tools they need to interpret Scripture rightly, and to deliver these precious truths untarnished to the next generation.