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If you are writing a review of BibleWorks for a publication or website, contact us at or (757) 627-7014 to inquire about obtaining a review copy.

If you are interested in examining and evaluating BibleWorks for potential adoption into your organization, please follow this process:

Please note that if your organization orders two or more units as a result of your evaluation, your examination copy becomes gratis!

(1) Place an order for one unit of BibleWorks (click here to order). If  faxing an official purchase order from a recognized organization, then 30-day payment terms are granted. 

(2) You have 30 days to examine and evaluate BibleWorks, since BibleWorks comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee (less shipping). If your organization places an order for two or more units of BibleWorks or purchases a BibleWorks network site license, then upon placement of that new order, identify the BibleWorks invoice number of your first order so that we can deduct its cost (less shipping) from your new order.

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