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Thread: How to hover (analysis window update) in Windows 8 (Tablet, BW8) ?

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    Default How to hover (analysis window update) in Windows 8 (Tablet, BW8) ?

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    Is there a work around on Tablets (Windows 8) to update the Analysis window in BW8 by "hovering" over words?

    With a mouse & keyboard having the mouse pointer hovering over a word in Hebrew or Greek Bibles results in an auto-update of the Analysis window (in my case I was looking up goyim in WTT and have HALOT as my active Analysis lexicon). Holding shift will lock the Analysis window.

    But with a Tablet using a stylus or finger there is no "hover." You tap to select, double tap to double click, or press-and-hold for right click. But I have not found a proper work around for "hover" or "hover & shift."

    There is, of course, a workable alternative: Right Click (hold) to bring up a context sensitive menu and then select, "Look Up Lemma in Lexical Browser."

    I am finding BW very usable in Win8 on a high DPI tablet (1920x1200 on a 10 inch screen) but I am excited to hear future versions will allow users to customize icons (and hopefully scroll bars!) size.

    Ps. Totally off topic, but it hit me today that there are two tweaks (maybe already in 9?) I would like to see with the Browse Window. One would be related to the above--when you hover in the content window it could update in the Browse Window's analysis pane. The other would be for the browse window to put the selected verse in the middle, not the top, of the window.

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    what is that about. i don't understand.

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    My question is exactly the one in the original post: how to get at the instant analysis information (tool-tip or analysis window summary) on a Win 8.1 tablet that you get with hover, when using a mouse?

    I thought I could get it by 'selecting' the word, and tapping, but that's very haphazard and unreliable ... and I'm not sure that the result is caused how I think it is!

    Any help with this would be appreciated. (It makes me realize again just how powerful some of these features are that I've long since taken for granted!

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