Version 9r3-28 (

I've been using the mac installer version of BW9 for a while now and recently upgraded to Yosemite. Everything was generally working fine other than windows spontaneously resizing when moving to the next verse in the browse window and the occasional hang. However, last week I connected my MBPr to an iMac as an external monitor. Now, I have 2 issues: 1) whenever my MBPr sleeps, the BW disappears and can't be loaded, I have to quit and reopen. 2.) without the external display, I can't get the BW window to display: the program opens, it shows the small startup window, but the full program window never displays.

For #2, I've tried pretty much every configuration of display settings and keyboard shortcuts. I'm wondering whether there's a way outside of the program to reinitialize the BW window position and if this would at least provide a temporary solution to the problem.