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    The point of this post isn't to complain or ask for a BibleWorks app for Android (or iOS), but to let people know about a different means to access BW while you're on the go, if you have an Android device. Google recently released their Chrome Remote Desktop app (see an article on it here), and while there are other remote desktop methods of accessing your home PC, I had never used any of them before. This one was pretty simple to use though. It requires you to download the app to your phone and install an app to your copy of Google Chrome on your home PC. You then have to enable your PC for remote connections and you're good to go. No reboots even!

    Granted the actual use of BibleWorks in this scenario is far from ideal, but it does work as it normally does on your PC. It's just much smaller. Although if you have a tablet Android rather than a phone, I suppose it might be more tolerable.
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    Mike, I also know I have seen Linux apps for rooted devices. Where you can have an install of Linux which you can boot. It is a full desktop and so could possibly be used to have Bibleworks on your phone if need be. I have never used it, but I have read that the apps and the installs of Linux seem to work well. Personally, the only time I ever rooted my phone I messed it up, so I will save that for the recycled phones I have, but still interesting.

    Having installed the app on an Android 4.1, I can say it works better than my Teamviewer, which seems to have a problem with displaying the full computer screen, where this one does not.
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    I had a question in my mind concerning security with respect to the Remote Desktop app. I found this page which talks about security but is also a good "step-by-step" in setting it up.

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