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    Default Thomas & Gundry Harmony file

    I teach the Life of Christ and use Robert Thomas and Stan Gundry's Harmony of the Gospels. It isn't perfect, but it works very well on the collegiate level.

    I have long wished for this harmony to be in BW, and this year I got secretarial help, so ... I'm glad to share with the rest of my fellow BibleWorks users, this harmony.

    See attached file.
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    Thankyou so much for this contribution. I used it a lot in college many years ago .

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    Thank you! This had to have been a lot of work. Though I'm a happily married man and I'm sure you are too (didn't you post pics of a grand child awhile back on your blog?), please give your secretarial help an apical hug or double-grip handshake or something. A High Five. A Cheshire cat smile. Something.

    Okay. I know how things can easily get taken the wrong way. My point is: a "peck/kiss on the check" is definitely out.
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    Thanks Philip! I've put this on the BibleWorks blog, so as to keep everything in one nice place.
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    Wow, Thanks Phil (and your secretary!)
    I've used T&G for a long time now and I really appreciate this one.

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    Indeed. Thank you so much.

    David Spear
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