I am in the market for some Audio Books that are Theological in nature and of a more scholarly orientation. Is there a website that specializes in such products or linking to such?

I have been using Tim Hegg's audio courses, which I have personally found enjoyable, but have am exhausting his available resources. What I like about Tim's work is that he isn't afraid to get his hands "dirty" in ancient texts or languages. Tim's material is "Messianic" in perspective (pro/con depending on your view point) and for my tastes strikes a balance of interacting with academics and ancient contexts while maintaining a position of the inspiration of Scripture. I would like to find more material of similar ilk (theological in scope, academic in rigor yet maintaining the inspiration of Scripture).

I haven't had much luck using Amazon's Audiobook section for browsing audiobooks of this sort, although I did recently find Piper's volume on Justification available in MP3 which I plan to purchase shortly.

While I am mainly looking for Theological Audiobooks, I wouldn't mind links to quality sermons available online for download. A number of years ago I had found a website for Gordon College that had sermons from many of the teachers at the school. Others may find these sorts of links usesful as well.

Thanks for your time and making my daily commute better