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Thread: BW 7.0: Program Fix (7.0.018k)

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    Default BW 7.0: Program Fix (7.0.018k)

    Update: BibleWorks Executable (7.018k)
    Date: 03/27/07 at 12:29:18

    This patch contains the latest BibleWorks 7.0 program executable. Mousing over a word when you have more than one verse loaded in multi-version mode could give the wrong results in the Analysis Window.

    This is a NOT a preview version. No access code is needed to download this patch.

    If you have problems with this update please post a reply to this message on the BibleWorks Forum in the Program and Database Updates section. If you post a response elsewhere we may not see it. Please do not use this section to post messages about anything but this update.


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    Default System Crashes w/ update

    BW7 is crashing seemingly randomly after this update. It appears to do so after I mouse over several different words. It takes a few minutes but it has done in at least a half a dozen times since this update. (7.0.018k)

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    Default Fixed w/ new ini file?

    I reset my ini file and this seems to have resolved the problem.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eric View Post
    BW7 is crashing seemingly randomly after this update. It appears to do so after I mouse over several different words. It takes a few minutes but it has done in at least a half a dozen times since this update. (7.0.018k)
    I've had to revert back to j to keep BW stable. All newer versions crash at odd times consistently.

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    i too have been experiencing random but regular fatal errors since the does one reset the ini file?

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    Default Continued crashes

    Reseting the ini file only worked temporarily. I'm back to random crashes.

    You can reset your ini file a couple of ways. One is to select that option when it crashes (it's one of the radio buttons). However, when you do so you loose all your customized settings.

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    Default Won't Even Update to 7.018K

    Keep getting this error...
    Processing BibleWorks Executable (7.018k) (rev1_release_exe_7018k.pbn)
    Copying c:\program files\bibleworks 7\patches\base\bw700.exe.gz to c:\program files\bibleworks 7\patches\_ptchtmp\bw700.exe.gz
    Copying c:\program files\bibleworks 7\patches\base\ to c:\program files\bibleworks 7\patches\_ptchtmp\
    Copying c:\program files\bibleworks 7\patches\base\bwrestart7.exe.gz to c:\program files\bibleworks 7\patches\_ptchtmp\bwrestart7.exe.gz
    Copying c:\program files\bibleworks 7\patches\base\default.dwd.gz to c:\program files\bibleworks 7\patches\_ptchtmp\default.dwd.gz
    Copying c:\program files\bibleworks 7\patches\base\InstallBwFonts.exe.gz to c:\program files\bibleworks 7\patches\_ptchtmp\InstallBwFonts.exe.gz
    Copying c:\program files\bibleworks 7\patches\base\paradef.dat.gz to c:\program files\bibleworks 7\patches\_ptchtmp\paradef.dat.gz
    Copying c:\program files\bibleworks 7\patches\base\unlockmsg1.rtf.gz to c:\program files\bibleworks 7\patches\_ptchtmp\unlockmsg1.rtf.gz
    Copying c:\program files\bibleworks 7\patches\base\unlockmsg2.rtf.gz to c:\program files\bibleworks 7\patches\_ptchtmp\unlockmsg2.rtf.gz
    Unpacking patch
    Moving rev1_release_exe_7018k.pbn.rtp to c:\program files\bibleworks 7\patches\_ptchtmp\rev1_release_exe_7018k.pbn.rtp
    Pre-patch check:
    bw700.exe (3784704) (868555)
    bwrestart7.exe (82856)
    default.dwd (56886)
    InstallBwFonts.exe (53248)
    paradef.dat (5852)
    rev1_release_exe_7018k.pbn.rtp (0)
    unlockmsg1.rtf (3625)
    unlockmsg2.rtf (1190)
    Applying patch c:\program files\bibleworks 7\patches\_ptchtmp\rev1_release_exe_7018k.pbn.rtp
    Patch params -verbose -nopathsearch -nosubdirsearch -ignoremissing "c:\program files\bibleworks 7\patches\_ptchtmp" "c:\program files\bibleworks 7\patches\_ptchtmp\rev1_release_exe_7018k.pbn.rtp"
    error ept0009: Invalid Patch File 'c:\program files\bibleworks 7\patches\_ptchtmp\rev1_release_exe_7018k.pbn.rtp'

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    Default Random Crashes

    I am experiencing random crashes with several of the latest updates also. 18k will not even load. The program is only stable when I revert back to .18g

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    I'm getting the crashes too. Seems to happen when I attempt to use the Synopsis Tool, but at other times as well. I reverted to 18.i. and it still is crashing.

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    "BibleWorks has encountered several errors and cannot continue..."

    What happens...?
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