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Thread: ISV and NIV2011 for BW?

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    Default ISV and NIV2011 for BW?

    I am wondering whether anyone knows of plans to include the now-completed International Standard Version in BibleWorks? It's being premiered in other platforms.

    And then there's the NIV 2011.

    BTW (if this needs to be said), my interest doesn't indicate that I'm initially favorably impressed with either version. But obviously one of BW's many strengths is that it has every significant translation there is... well, except the Modern Language Bible.

    So: anyone know?
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    I don't know anything about ISV, but someone asked that question about the NIV2011 on BibleWorks' facebook page and they said it would be available shortly. So it is in the works (otherwise they wouldn't have said that it was coming, I'm guessing).
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