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    Hello Readers!

    This forum is dedicated to screen shots showing how you arrange your BibleWorks windows. The goal is to inspire (and even teach) your fellow users to use the program more effectively.

    You can capture screenshots using any of a number of free or commercial screen capture utilities. If you search for "free screen capture" on your favorite search engine, you should find a number of programs. Alternately, you can just hit the "PrtScn" button and it will copy the entire desktop into the clipboard. You can paste this into an image editor and cut out the unneeded surrounding image.

    It's best to post something scaled down, rather than at 100%. You'll also need to save the image as a JPG or PNG to save sapce. If your screen capture program doesn't do this, there are a number of free bitmap editors that can do it. Search for "free image editor" or "free bitmap editor".

    I can't make any promises about these programs, but here are some possible programs you might want to try:

    Screen Capture:

    Image Editing:

    You can post as many images as you want if you host them offsite, such as on the personal storage space that your ISP gives, or through image hosting sites.

    Hope that helps. Happy posting!
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